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Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money

Citizens Bank (Honorable Mention) - Providence, Rhode Island

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Financial Education
  • Asset Size: Large

At Citizens we understand the value of empowering our communities to thrive by unlocking the foundations of economic opportunity through financial education. Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money is a program dedicated to giving our communities the resources, tools, and tips to make informed financial decisions to support a strong and resilient economy.

The last year has been transformative for our communities and the Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money program has evolved to meet the moment. We recognize that now more than ever, understanding how to make sound financial decisions to manage finances during turbulent times is vital to helping our communities rebound from the experiences that have shaped our world.

Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money aims to support individuals and families by providing guidance and coaching to develop strategies that improve financial outcomes. Our program goes beyond financial education to help participants benefit from career exploration resources, volunteer income tax assistance support, and mentorship opportunities that provide direct assistance.

Our highly skilled, Community Ambassadors are trained to deliver engaging, interactive, and informative financial empowerment seminars using the FDIC Money Smart curriculum. As of 2021, we have over 650 colleagues that volunteer to share their expertise as Community Ambassadors. The consortium of volunteers is comprised of diverse colleagues which include all levels of experience and flexibility to deliver seminars in multiple languages.