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Be FIRST Commitment

Berkshire Bank (Honorable Mention) - Boston, Massachusetts

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Economic Inclusion
  • Asset Size: Medium

Berkshire Bank is transforming what it means to bank its neighbors socially, humanly and digitally to empower the financial potential of people, families and businesses in its communities as it pursues its vision of being the leading socially responsible omni-channel community bank in the markets it serves. Headquartered in Boston, Berkshire operates 118 banking offices primarily in New England and New York. We're a bank with a purpose, providing an ecosystem of socially responsible financial solutions to meet our customers' needs, engaging with our communities to ensure equitable access and upward economic mobility.

One-hundred and seventy-five years ago, Berkshire opened its doors to meet the entrepreneurs' and working-class consumers' financial needs. That heritage continues to help the Company as it navigates the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the economic resiliency of all its stakeholders. Berkshire is harnessing the power of its entire company to create economic inclusion by leveraging a suite of interconnected, innovative strategies, products and services including The Futures Fund, Friends & Family Fund, MyCheck, MyFreedom Checking, MyCommunity, Reevx Labs and its comprehensive financial wellness program. Collectively these efforts comprise our Be FIRST Commitment economic inclusion program, helped impact more than 86,000 individuals and ensured the economic resiliency of people, small businesses and nonprofits in our communities.