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Banking on KC Podcast

Country Club Bank - Kansas City, Missouri

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Community & Economic Development
  • Asset Size: Small

Family-owned Country Club Bank has deep roots in the Kansas City community. Combined, the bank's owners and executives have served on hundreds of local boards and committees during the last few decades, providing them with insights into the issues and challenges of the community but also into the individuals and organizations that are making appositive difference. The bank's long history of community activity makes the bank's ownership team and associates natural “connector” in the community. We recognize that our strong brand presence and our ability to connect people put us in a unique position to introduce some of Kansas City's “difference makers” to an even broader audience. We wondered what kinds of positive outcomes would result if we could “cross-pollinate” relationships, if you will, and create even greater public awareness of organizations and people who are working for positive change in the Kansas City community. After searching for a vehicle to achieve that goal, we decided to launch a weekly podcast, “Banking on KC,” that showcases business owners, innovators, civic and nonprofit leaders, and elected officials. Concepting for the podcast began in summer of 2018, recording began summer of 2019, and the first episodes were launched in fall 2019. The podcast is currently releasing episodes for its third season.