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Bank of the Rockies Senior Champions

Bank of the Rockies (Winner) - Clyde Park, Montana

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Protecting Older Americans
  • Asset Size: Small

Senior Champions at Bank of the Rockies are the Bank’s public persona in community outreach and facilitating awareness of current financial threats against Older Montanans in the communities served by the Bank. Senior Champions, in addition to all bank staff, are trained in red flag warning signs of abuse, exploitation, and even recognizing signs of cognitive decline and other factors that can place residents at higher risk. Senior Champions are extensively trained in both recognizing and mitigating fraud and abuse as well as the process of reporting such cases. Tasked with ensuring that our older residents remain engaged in our communities and ensuring their financial health, these individuals are exceptional at creating unique ways to engage socially isolated seniors in addition to all other members of the community. Responsible for keeping abreast of elder fraud and exploitation, these individuals are also responsible for celebrating our older residents. Senior Champions are also responsible for engaging other elder justice stakeholders in their communities and beyond.