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Appanoose County Tourism

Iowa Trust and Savings Bank (Honorable Mention) - Centerville, Iowa

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Volunteerism
  • Asset Size: Small

I am part of the local Centerville Chamber of Commerce. Now rebranded as PACT (Promoting Appanoose and Centerville Together). I also serve on a sub committee where we use tourism taxation funds from both the County and City levels to grant out money to various businesses and non profits for tourism related projects every year. During 2020 we were relooking the line items that we normally pay every year and we started thinking critically since we were experiencing Covid-19 like the rest of the world. One of our line items was to pay for and place brochures about things to do in our county across all the rest area stops along the interstates in Iowa. While this was a creative idea 20-ish years ago we found there are alot better options to spend that ,000 every year.

I proposed we use the funds to have video commericals made and we do TV commercials, digital advertising, and geo-fencing across all the major metro areas in Iowa. We have so many ways we can reach consumers now and upgrading from rest area brochures was a no-brainer.

So when it comes to volunteering if you have a great idea you have to back it up and run with it yourself. So I was told to assemble a team and accomplish what I wanted to do with that ,000 of advertising funds.