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Capital Bank (Honorable Mention), Rockville, MD

Entry Year: 2019
Entry Category: Affordable Housing
Asset Size: Small
Program Name: Community Lending

Program Summary:

In 2017, Capital Bank decided to expand its presence in direct lending for affordable housing. They brought in Lola Pol to be the Community Lending Manager and established a unique arrangement: a bank branch located in an underbanked neighborhood of Washington, DC, dedicated entirely to community lending.

Since then, almost every loan the branch has made has been to first-time and lower-income homebuyers. The office works closely with a number of down payment assistance programs, with two staff members dedicated solely to document preparation for these programs. That attention to detail goes hand-in-hand with a staff-wide commitment to never turning a potential client away—the answer is never “no,” just “not yet.”

Because of their dedication, Capital Bank’s thinking about community lending and affordable homeownership has been transformed. Originally intending simply to fulfill their Community Reinvestment Act obligations, the bank has come to realize that this is also an untapped market where their business can grow. Lola Pol, the Community Lending Manager, is typically not only at the top of the bank’s monthly numbers for loan originations, but also in the top tier for loan volume.