ABA Commercial Lending School - Foundational

April 29 - May 4, 2018 • Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

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The ABA Foundational Commercial Lending School teaches the fundamentals of credit analysis, pricing and strategy.

Take part in a computerized bank loan simulation that models real-life bid sessions. This unique learning tool is a highlight, enabling students to hone their credit decision accuracy, credit selection, and relationship pricing as they set goals and develop a loan portfolio. As the simulations progress, gain vital skills in a fun, risk-free practice environment. Rake in deposits, generate new loans and enjoy the thrill of competing with fellow students.

Students return to their banks with career enhancing, professional skills that deliver results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop and refine your lending strategies
  • Improve your return on investment
  • Identify and minimize the cost of problem loans
  • Increase the size of your bank's loan portfolio
  • Identify and maximize sales opportunities
  • Build your leadership skills

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