Managing Employee Performance

Provides a proactive approach to manage performance by leveraging the three stages in the performance management cycle.  It stresses the importance of ensuring employees clearly understand specific tasks they must accomplish, evaluating their progress, and providing constructive and timely feedback towards the accomplishment of their performance objectives.

Reviewed: June 2015
(Reviewed for updates, but no changes were made.)

Re-versioned: July 2016

Learning Obj​​​​ectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify the stages of the Performance Management Cycle
  • Write clear, concise performance objectives
  • Communicate expectations and monitor employee progress
  • Provide timely formal and informal employee feedback
  • Write fair effective performance evaluations


Any supervisor or manager who has responsibility for direction, documenting and evaluating employee performance.

Course Credits

ABA Certificates​: This course applies to the following ABA Certificates:

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 Course Expiring


This course is no longer available for individual enrollments.

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