Building and Retaining Customer Relationships Curriculum

Part 1: Provides tools to start, manage, and execute a sales portfolio, and learn the strategies, from prioritizing clients to making sales calls. Presents sales portfolio techniques and explains how to recognize, classify, and prioritize clients according to sales potential profiles.

Part 2: Provides tools and strategies to build and retain customer relationships with an organized portfolio. Explains how to plan sales calls or contacts with portfolio clients.

Re-versioned: Oct. 2015

Learning Obj​​​​ectives

After completing Part 1: Process and Strategy, students will be able to:
  • Describe the benefits of building and retaining customer relationships through a well-managed portfolio and the steps associated with the portfolio process
  • Set criteria that support sales and client retention
  • Assess sales potential of clients and group clients in a portfolio
After completing Part 2: Calling on Clients, students will be able to:
  • Organize a portfolio to support and track activity
  • Plan for starting a portfolio at work
  • Prepare for the initial contact with clients


Banking professionals who currently sell bank products to customers. Students should have a working knowledge of their institution's products and services, basic sales techniques, daily planner scheduling, and tele-consulting.

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