Reg Z Advertising

Defines the meaning of “advertisement” under Regulation Z, the meaning of “triggering terms” and discusses the types of disclosures required in various types of loan advertising, including credit cards, mortgages and private higher education loans.

Re-versioned: March 2016
Reviewed: January 2018 (no changes necessary)

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe general advertising rules that comply with Reg Z
  • Explain advertising requirements for closed-end credit
  • Examine special rules for closed- end credit advertising for loans secured by a dwelling 
  • Explain advertising requirements for open-end credit
  • Examine special rules for open-end credit advertising for loans secured by a dwelling 
  • Recognize the special rules that apply to advertising mortgages, private higher education loans, and credit cards


Branch staff or anyone responsible for bank advertising, including white board signage, website, rate sheets, rate boards, and credit brochures.

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