Active Aggressor for Managers

Provides indicators of potential active aggressor scenarios to prevent incidents. Explores the run, hide, or fight response protocol, and reactions to consider when law enforcement officers arrive to the scene. Highlights an EAP and best practices for managers to prevent and report potential dangerous situations, and post-assessments and activities that follow the violent event.

Updated: May 2018

What You'll Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Differentiate an active aggressor situation from other types of violent situations
  • Recognize signs of potential workplace violence
  • Identify the FBI awareness violent situation response protocol: Run, Hide or Fight; and its consequences
  • Collaborate effectively with law enforcement officials after experiencing a violent situation
  • Actively participate in the efforts to stop or prevent violent situations in the workplace
  • Manage the post-event effects of a violent situation


Any bank personnel in managerial positions.

​Course Credits

ABA Professional Certifications: 1.0 CFSSP

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