Gathering the Facts on Mortgage Fraud

The facts and types of mortgage fraud, and strategies to proactively prevent fraud.  Address critical issues like understanding the characteristics of mortgage fraud, recognizing fraud and identifying red flags in loan documents.  The course also examines the impact of mortgage fraud one’s personal and professional life.

Re-versioned: Dec. 2014

Learning Obj​​​​ectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Create a process based on lender best practices
  • Define mortgage fraud
  • Name types of mortgage fraud
  • Recognize common mortgage fraud schemes
  • Identify key characteristics of various types of mortgage fraud
  • Identify red flags specific to loan documents


Lending operations staff including; Compliance and QC personnel, Loan Originators, Underwriters, Processors.​

Course Credits

ABA Certificates​: This course applies to the following ABA Certificates:
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