Maintaining Your ICB Certification

​There are three requirements to maintain your certification:

  1. Continuing education — Each certification has a three year period in which to earn and report credits by January 31
  2. Annual certification renewal fee — Notices are sent out in the fall and are due by January 31
  3. Professional Code of Ethics

Click below to view specific maintenance requirements unique to each certification:

Reinstating an ICB Certification 

If you previously held an ICB certification, let it lapse, and wish to reinstate it, you must take and pass the examination.
  1. Complete the appropriate exam application via the ABA Learning Management System (LMS).  You will find instructions on the "Application, Dates & Fees" web page for each certification.
  2. Pay the full exam fee.
  3. A letter of reference is NOT required.


Questions? Please contact ICB for more information.

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