Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP)

Make this the year you earn your Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP) certification -- the recognized standard of excellence for marketing professionals working in the  financial services industry.

Earning this widely-respected certification lets your employer know that you have a formally-acknowledged level of knowledge, skills and competencies in your field.

Interested in taking the next step towards your CFMP?  Explore the following web pages to learn more about eligibility, exam requirements, and the pathway to earning your certification.

You can also access the free recorded webinar, "How to Earn the CFMP" and download the presentation slides to hear about important application and exam information from ICB staff and CFMP Board Members.

Questions? Please contact ICB for additional information. Keep Me Informed.

ABA’s Professional Certifications are federally registered* with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.
*CAFP is currently pending federal registration.


 Who Should Apply?

  • Marketing directors and managers
  • Managers with any marketing oversight or responsibility
  • Product managers
  • Database specialists