ABA Benchmarking Programs and Surveys

The ABA Benchmarking and Survey Research department provides the tools necessary for banks to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. Through annual and biannual industry-wide surveys, and ongoing quarterly benchmarking programs focused on management issues, we arm bankers with detailed information that enables them to measure not only the quality of their policies, products, programs and strategies, but also to compare their banks’ performance to that of the competition.

Peer Benchmarking Programs

Available only to ABA members, our Peer Benchmarking Program is designed to help banks see how they compare to their peer banks and learn from the experiences of those same banks. Participants in peer benchmarking groups report data on a quarterly basis, while members of working groups discuss reporting methodology, data presentation, best practices, emerging trends, successful strategies and other benchmarking opportunities.

Survey Reports

ABA comprehensive industry survey reports are designed to help you determine how your bank compares to its peers—measured by asset size, location, portfolio composition, and other criteria. Our reports quantify and analyze responses, summarize the findings, and present detailed data gathered from banks of all sizes on key topics such as retail and branch banking, deposit account fraud, compensation and benefits, and corporate bank insurance coverage.


​To learn more about the offerings and opportunities of the ABA Benchmarking and Survey Research Program, contact us at benchmarking@aba.com or call 1-800-BANKERS.