ABA's Bank Management Simulations

BankExec©, and BankExec_International©
Reinforce Financial Management Skills with These Unique Simulation Programs

BankExec allows participants to virtually run a mid-sized commercial bank. Exercises in asset/liability management, capital planning, gap analysis, accounting and taxes, marketing and resource allocation, forecasting and planning, economics, and the pricing of bank services, are reinforced by “what-if” scenarios that demonstrate the impact to the balance sheet of management’s decisions. BankExec provides a bigger picture of the bank by having teams work together to:

  • Run a virtual bank in a changing economic and regulatory environment
  • Test pricing and funding decisions to see their impact on key indicators like net interest margin and stock price
  • Learn how balance sheet structure influences profitability, including net interest margin and stock price
  • See how decisions made in one area of the bank affect others

BankExec is an integral part of the curriculum at the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking and many state bankers association schools. It is the core of the Business of Banking in-bank program.

BankExec_International has the same basic structure as BankExec, but is designed primarily for bankers outside of the United States. For example, it substitutes the Interbank market for the Fed funds market, and also introduces an interest rate swap market, as well as a foreign exchange feature.

BankExec is Internet based and will run on any internet ready device.  BankExec_International runs on any PC using Windows 7 and above.

For more information on these programs, please contact Teri Callahan.