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Partners On-the-Line Webinars

Our free partners on-the-line webinars feature ABA endorsed solutions that help banks grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.

April 2019

Tuesday, April 16
2:00 pm ET

The Power and Profitability of Digital Lending

Presented by Akouba

Beyond mortgage lending, other digital lending is a total addressable market of $1 trillion in the U.S., and loan origination volumes could reach $90 billion by 2020, over 350% of what it was just 5 years earlier.

Banks stand to benefit substantially by meeting changing customer expectations in this space. The most important step is expanding lending channels through user-friendly digital platforms to drive more loan volume and compete with non-bank lenders. You can win in this space by adopting lending technology that is affordable, efficient, automated and compliant. Whether your account holders are consumers looking for short-term, small-dollar loans to bridge income gaps, or businesses seeking commercial loans, do you have a process in place to digitally manage the entire transaction from application to funding?

Your bank will not be able to grow and meet borrower expectations if you continue to rely on traditional, manual processes and channels that could be automated. In this Webinar, Chris Rentner, Director of Digital Lending for Velocity Solutions and founder of Akouba explains how other banks and credit unions are already successfully using digital lending technology in retail and commercial markets to grow their loan volumes and create efficiency in their processes.

Thursday, April 25
12:00 pm ET

Farmer Mac Refresh Webinar – Bridging Gaps in Your Lending with USDA

Presented by Farmer Mac

Experts from the USDA's Business & Industry Loan Program, Community Facilities Loan Program, and the Farm Service Agency will discuss new ways to leverage their programs and bridging the gaps in the lending solutions you offer your borrowers.

Topics include:
  • Program Basics – Borrowers, geography, and credit
  • Program Updates – Farm Bill enhancements and other program changes
  • Recent Transactions – Loan examples from FSA, B&I, and Community Facilities
  • Lender Connections – How to engage with the USDA at your institution
  • Secondary Market – Interest rate update

Thursday, April 25
2:00 pm ET

The Future of Mortgage Lending with David Lykken

Presented by Finastra

Mortgage lending, which has seen little innovation over the years, is now experiencing a renewal brought about by improvements in processing speed and efficiency, while costs continually decrease.

This webinar explores the forces driving recent innovation, and more importantly, the future of mortgage lending and what factors are driving this change. 

David Lykken of Transformational Mortgage Solutions will cover several topics, including:

  • Demographics (Millennials): The single biggest factor driving innovation
  • Disruptive Technology: Chat/Conversational bots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Data & Analytics: The “fish finder” concept
  • Costs (Regulatory and Operational): Battling rising operational costs driven primarily by the regulatory environment

Tuesday, April 30
2:00 pm ET

Attracting and Retaining Key Employees

Presented by NFP/Equias Alliance, an NFP Company

Bankers continue to be concerned about losing top talent to competing organizations especially with the low unemployment rate. Retaining top talent remains critical not only from management’s perspective but also to help grow shareholder value. The presenters will discuss case studies of custom-tailored nonqualified benefit plans used to attract and retain key officers.

This session will provide you with a framework to use in evaluating your various compensation and nonqualified benefit plans. Discussions by speakers from NFP/Equias Alliance will include the following:

  • Balancing shareholder vs. executive needs and plans
  • Compensation strategies for the younger generation of leaders
  • SERPs
  • Defined contribution plans with retirement and in service distributions or early withdrawal of cash
  • Common non-qualified plan agreement provisions
  • Reducing benefit risk with supplemental disability and long term care plans
  • Tax and accounting issues, compliance, IRC 409A, IRC 280G, vesting considerations upon a change in control
  • Post-acquisition alternatives for nonqualified plans (retain or terminate the plans)
  • BOLI acquisition due diligence and carrier issues
  • Evaluation of a target bank’s BOLI and non-qualified benefit programs

May 2019

Thursday, May 2
2:00 pm ET

2019 Card Fraud Trends: How Do You Stack Up?

Presented by Rippleshot

Banks are getting better at fighting fraud. Nevertheless, fraudsters are getting smarter and acting faster. Card fraud is up roughly 30%, with a substantial amount due to compromised cards.

This uptick in fraud is playing a big role in how banks think about fraud detection tools and the importance of writing decision rules.

How do your fraud losses stack up to the competition? Is your fraud team equipped for today's challenges?

In this webinar, Rippleshot Co-Founder Canh Tran will share his take on 2019's fraud trends, what fraud teams should be looking for and how banks can proactively get ahead of these problems.

Thursday, May 9
2:00 pm ET

Funding Your Financial Institution in the New Age

Presented by Promontory Interfinancial Network

We are in an economic environment not seen for more than decade. Competition remains intense from the largest banks, loan demand is outpacing deposit growth, and, according to bank leaders (CEOs, CFOs, and presidents) who participated in the latest quarterly Bank Executive Business Outlook Survey, rising funding costs are a growing challenge for community banks. Eighty-eight percent of respondents―nearly 9 in 10―projected higher funding costs over the coming year. 

Learn how your institution can get a leg up on these concerns now. The webinar will cover how regulatory changes have opened the door to new opportunities, smart ways to manage funding costs using deposit placement services, and insights on how some community banks are using innovative strategies to grow deposits.

Promontory Interfinancial Network Presenters:
  • Dan Elder, Managing Director
  • Taylor Binder, Regional Director

Wednesday, May 15
11:00 am ET

CECL WARM Method – What to Know and How to Use It

Presented by Abrigo

Among recent CECL developments has been the introduction of a new methodology, the Remaining Life or WARM/WARL method. Some questions that financial institutions may be having are as follows: Where did the methodology come from? What types of institutions should leverage it? Which pools are best for making a remaining life calculation?

In this webinar, hear from Abrigo Advisory Services members and CPAs Jared Mills and Baker Eddraa as they discuss in more detail the pros and cons of the remaining life methodology and guide institutions on when they should be using it for CECL.

Join to learn:

  • Context on the remaining life methodology and its basic premises
  • What types of institutions that the remaining life methodology will be well-suited for
  • When and when not to leverage the remaining life methodology
  • Feedback from clients and prospects who have tested so far

Thursday, May 23
2:00 pm ET

Digital Design Thinking Webinar

Presented by Finastra

By 2021, three billion people worldwide will be banking via digital platforms. People increasingly expect a user experience that matches their digital lifestyle.To compete with the big players, banks must offer a highly personalized, relevant digital experience that is consistent across multiple channels.

This webinar explore:

  • How best-in-class banks are delivering a mobile and desktop experience that is consistent and led by mobile sensibilities
  • Rich feature sets that have taken the overall mobile and digital experience to new heights of usability and ease
  • Research findings of best banks that are pushing the mobile design envelope
  • Key Innovations just on the horizon that will transform digital banking engagement

Wednesday, May 29
2:00 pm ET

How Banks Can Profitably Grow Their Consumer Lending Portfolio

Presented by LendKey

Most community banks, both large and small, are starting to turn their focus from commercial lending to consumer lending due to a large opportunity for profitable growth, as well as retention of consumer deposits. As depositor retention and growth become increasingly more challenging and important, learn how to assess the impact of digital consumer-lending for sustainable, long-term success.

Questions? Please contact Jackie Lucas for more information.