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Partners On-the-Line Webinars

Our free partners on-the-line webinars feature ABA endorsed solutions that help banks grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.

September 2018

Thursday, September 20
2:00 pm ET

ABA Endorsed Products and Tools Make It Easy to Automate Your Mortgage Process and Save Money

Presented by ComplianceEase, Fannie Mae, Finastra and LoanLogics

Automating your mortgage process is not ROCKET science. ABA Endorsed Solutions has researched, analyzed, and endorsed a suite of providers to help banks compete in the new digital mortgage market.

Join ComplianceEase, Fannie Mae, Finastra and LoanLogics to learn about the components of mortgage automation and how to leverage them to make your mortgage process more efficient and competitive.

Tuesday, September 25
2:00 pm ET

How Banks Can Prospect, Engage and Deliver Value to Small Business Customers

Presented by BizEquity

Business owners today face many challenges. One on the forefront is capturing the true value of their business when that business ultimately transitions. 78% of business owners plan to fund their retirement 80-100% through the sale of their business. Yet most business owners don't know their value.

How does your bank support the businesses you serve in the journey from starting the business, to operating the business, and ultimately transitioning that business?

Join Jason Early, BizEquity's VP, Head of Enterprise Sales, as he discusses how you can find and engage with more business owners while at the same time delivering them the ultimate value.

Wednesday, September 26
2:00 pm ET

Here We Go Again! ATMs and Windows 10 Migration

Presented by Allpoint

In just over a year, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. Is your ATM fleet ready for the migration to Windows 10?

Enterprise resource planning is a long, careful, and vital process. Join Allpoint to learn about managing your bank's migration to Windows 10 with presentations from Cardtronics, the world's largest ATM operator.

​Thursday, September 27
12:00 pm ET

Help Grow Your Business with Consumer-Driven Payment Options

Presented by First Data CFI

Whether it’s online or in-store, the way consumers want to shop is becoming increasingly localized. Every region has its own set of customer-preferred payment methods, often unique to the region. When shopping online, 50% of customers may abandon their cart if their preferred payment method is not an option.

Join Jean Harvey, Product Head of Local Payments, and Jillian Heaton, Product Leader of Global Debit Solutions to learn more about how consumer-driven alternative payment methods can lead to new opportunities.

​Thursday, September 27
1:00 pm ET

Farmer Mac Refresh: A Live Feed Fall Update

Presented by Farmer Mac

Trade and tariffs are a big deal for U.S. agriculture. Get the who, what, when, where, and why of retaliatory tariffs and more from the authors as they present findings from the The Feed – Fall 2018. Topics to be covered include:

  • Retaliatory tariffs against U.S. agriculture
  • Update on farmland values
  • The future of LIBOR
  • The effects of weather on agriculture
  • Commodity updates
  • Understanding how foreign tariffs impact U.S. farmers.

The presenters will take questions from the audience throughout. As always, the presenters will focus on implications for ag lenders and borrowers alike.

Thursday, September 27
2:00 pm ET

How Community Banks Can Combat Deposit Displacement

Presented by Zenmonics

Although the volume of checks written by consumers has been in decline for nearly 20 years, the percentage of U.S. households with a checking account exceeds 90%. Bankers shouldn’t doubt that the checking account still holds an important place in the suite of consumers’ financial accounts.

But in the past few years, we have seen the emergence of deposit displacement: the fintech-enabled movement of deposits away from traditional checking accounts. Bottom line: Checking accounts aren't as important to consumers as they once were and, as a result, aren’t a springboard to deeper relationships nor a reliable source of deposits.

This session will discuss deposit displacement and offer recommendations to financial institutions on how to reinvent deposit and lending products to combat the trend.

October 2018

Tuesday, October 2
2:00 pm ET

Are You Looking for Better Tools to Help Grow Your Mortgage Business?

Presented by AmeriHome

If you believe that more competitive pricing, a wider array of products, Non-Delegated underwriting services, and quality service can help your bank do more mortgage loans and increase your market share, you owe it to yourself to explore the tools offered by ABA-endorsed correspondent mortgage investor AmeriHome, one of the top secondary market investors in the U.S.

Wednesday, October 3
2:00 pm ET

Phishing and Fraud: Latest Trends and Best Practices for Protection in 2019

Presented by Cyxtera

In this webinar, we will review the most damaging fraud attacks and breaches that have adversely affected banks in the past year, and recommend proactive strategies to fight back that truly deter online and mobile threats. In addition, we will give our expert predictions about how attacks will evolve in the next year, and how your institution can improve their threat intelligence and visibility to thwart fraud before you or your customers become the next victims.

In this live, interactive webinar, you will learn about:

  • The trending threats that your institution needs to be most on alert for
  • Which organizations are most at risk of online fraud and why
  • Dependable anti-fraud strategies that are proven to lower incident rates, fraud losses and investigation expenses

Thursday, October 4
2:00 pm ET

Mortgage Subservicing: Considerations for Making the Best Decision for Your Bank

Presented by Midwest Loan Services

If you are retaining mortgage servicing rights or contemplating this decision, there are certain factors you should consider to make sure you are choosing the right path for your bank. For example, one of the challenges of in-house servicing is ensuring staff expertise and bandwidth. Another is keeping your servicing operation compliant with all the new regulations. And, of course, what are the true costs of retaining servicing – would you be better off financially servicing yourself or outsourcing the servicing, and which option results in the least amount of liability? Register today.

Thursday, October 11
2:00 pm ET

Blueprint for Smarter Marketing: How to Use Data to Build and Implement Effective Marketing and Communications Strategies

Presented by Affinion Insurance Solutions

How do you become a smarter marketer? Attend this webinar presented by marketing experts from Affinion Insurance Solutions as they:

  • Explore what it means to effectively understand and apply timely and personalized data to build a marketing blueprint that will drive results and cultivate customer engagement
  • Share key marketing tools to help guide you through ever-evolving technology and industry trends, and keep you focused on what you need to grow your customer base

Thursday, October 18
2:00 pm ET

Taking Care of CECL, Every Day

Presented by MST and Sageworks

Methodology selection, economic forecasting and loan-pool segmentation combine to make spreadsheet-based CECL calculations a challenge to build and maintain. This strengthens the business case for automation.

Join this webinar to see the ABA's endorsed CECL solutions, MST's LLA and Sageworks' ALLL, which help the bank streamline their allowance process and transition to CECL with confidence.

In this session, MST's Gus Alexander and Sageworks' Tim McPeak will give a high-level overview of their respective solutions, which are collectively used by more than 850 institutions for CECL compliance. The webinar will include time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Tuesday, October 23
2:00 pm ET

Quick and Affordable Compliance Tools Available to ABA Members on a 30-Day Free-Trial Basis

Presented by 360factors

Who says implementing a compliance management program from the cloud must be time consuming and expensive? 360factors, provider of ABA-endorsed Compliance Management Software, empowers community banks with a robust platform that is affordable, configurable and easy to use.

During this webinar, you will learn how 360factors’ solution can help you:

  • Implement a compliance management solution that will manage all compliance tasks in one location
  • Assign and track any compliance activity with a complete audit trail
  • Mange the full life-cycle of your policies and procedures, including loading new documents, creating approval workflows and assigning tasks, and allowing you to examine version history and audit trails

What's more, 360factors invites you to experience first-hand how its technology can help you meet your bank’s compliance challenges by offering you the opportunity to test drive their product for 30 days, with no obligation.

Questions? Please contact Jackie Lucas for more information.