Partners On-the-Line Webinars

Our free partners on-the-line webinars feature ABA endorsed solutions that help banks grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.

November 2017

Friday, Nov. 17
2:00 PM ET

Mortgage Insurance Products Designed to Help Community Banks 

Presented by Arch MI

How can Arch MI help community banks originate more loans?
  • Portfolio Power!  Arch MI’s non-GSE program with day one rescission relief and Jumbo loans exceeding GSE loan limits.
  • Distinguish your bank from its competition through Rate Star – a unique product that enables you to offer your best borrowers preferred MI rates.

Tuesday, Nov. 21
2:00 PM ET

Subservicing:  What Every Community Lender Should Know

Presented by Midwest Loan Services

What’s the actual bottom-line cost of servicing mortgages in house? Would you be better off (financially and risk-wise) to outsource them instead? To find out, attend this free featuring Midwest Loan Services. The presentation will focus on:
  • An overview of what is involved in mortgage servicing
  • How to calculate your true cost of servicing, including hidden in-house servicing expenses
  • The new technology and investments needed to service today’s mortgage loans
  • Why community banks should consider subservicing as an alternative to servicing in-house
  • Essential factors when considering a subservicing partner

Tuesday, Nov. 28
2:00 PM ET

The New Banking Normal: What Is It and Are We There Yet?

Presented by Finastra

Please join us for a lively and highly informative discussion with financial service attorneys Joe Lynyak and Jay Jennings as they share their insights on the banking industry, including what is on the horizon. Joe Lynyak and Jay Jennings bring their years of experience in the financial services industry to “connect the dots” for clients in the complex and sometimes conflicting regulatory and statutory schemes confronting financial institutions. Find out what is on the way for the banking industry so you can prepare for some of these upcoming changes. Our experts will be discussing:
  • The Health of the Banking Industry
  • Trump Administration Regulatory Priorities
  • U.S. Treasury Reports
  • The Revised Banking Agency Regulatory Agendas
  • CFPB Headwinds
  • Outcomes and Impacts

Thursday, Nov. 30
2:00 PM ET

How to Manage Compliance More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively Than Using Spreadsheets or SharePoint

Presented by 360factors

Are you still using spreadsheets, email and/or SharePoint to manage and track all your compliance-related activities?  Frustrated with the lack of real-time visibility, constant cutting-and-pasting of data between spreadsheets, and the ever-increasing use of your team’s valuable time to manage your regulatory compliance requirements?  If so, attend this webinar to learn how an integrated risk and compliance SaaS-based software solution can help you:

  • Manage and track compliance-related tasks, complaints, cases, investigations, audits, findings, corrective actions & improvement plans, and many other types of activities
  • Track regulatory changes and manage their implementation within your organization
  • Securely store all your policies & procedures and automate the approval & acknowledgement processes
  • Identify risks, conduct assessments, and track the effectiveness of controls to manage risk

December 2017

Wednesday, Dec. 6
2:00 PM ET

Digital Accessibility Case Study: How Eastern Bank Proactively Addressed Accessibility with Level Access

Presented by Level Access

The Level Access Financial Services Team will present a Digital Accessibility Case Study with Eastern Bank. The presentation will include a quick introduction of the ABA-endorsed Digital Accessibility Program, followed by an overview of Eastern Bank's path to proactively addressing digital accessibility. Topics include:
  • Steps to Address Gaps with Accessibility
  • Proactive Action Plan
  • Transition from Project to Accessibility Program Development
  • Services & Products Utilized by Eastern Bank
  • Internal Goals for 2017 and Long-Term

Thursday, Dec. 7
2:00 PM ET

Lending to Emerging Segments Using Non-Traditional Data

Presented by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

In this webinar, LexisNexis will present its latest research on the financial health of two key emerging segments of the U.S. population: non-homeowners and members of the United States military.
  • With homeownership on the decline over the past 10 years, renters are making up a greater share of the U.S population. This diverse, younger, and more urban segment tends to exhibit unique financial behaviors that traditional trade-line data does not capture.
  • Similarly, veterans and current members of the United States military represent a cross-section of America. The unique aspects of military life that impact financial behavior and lending decisions will be explored.

January 2018

Wednesday, Jan. 17
2:00 PM ET

Help More Borrowers Overcome the Down Payment Hurdle

Presented by Down Payment Resource

Saving for a down payment is a buyer’s biggest obstacle to home ownership.  Sadly, many buyers overestimate how much they need, and aren’t aware of all the programs available to help them overcome this hurdle.

Learn how DPR helps financial institutions:
  • Uncover more opportunities to capture first-time homebuyer business
  • Assist more borrowers challenged by the lack of down payment funds
  • Reach more Millennials and expand the lifetime value of your customer base

*Presented along with ABA Endorsed Solutions

Questions? Please contact Jackie Lucas for more information.