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Money Concepts provides wealth management and financial planning services to the banking community. The firm's proven turn-key business model provides true ownership of the business, independent and non-proprietary products, an integrated technology platform, staff training and education through Money Concepts University.
Money Concepts was founded in 1979. 

The firm has built a national reputation within the banking community by assisting financial institutions to become significantly more profitable, gain lasting competitive advantages and enhance customer relationships. Wide-ranging acceptance of Money Concepts' ideas and business tools has resulted in dynamic growth with more than 700 offices globally.

Money Concepts has access to non-proprietary products and services throughout the industry.  Currently our product portfolio includes more than 24,000 products from over 300 individual companies.
  • Wealth Management & Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance – Life, Disability, Long Term Care
  • Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds
  • Discount Brokerage Services
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Annuities
  • Hard Assets
Money Concepts Tech-Edge™ is a combination of proprietary and industry leading software.  Each piece is tested to ensure the efficiencies of back-office tasks.  Money Concepts invests millions of dollars in software technology to provide a more efficient and effective value proposition.  The firms' technology solutions include but are not limited to the following:
  • LaserApp™
  • E-Docs - Our Paperless System​​​
  • Webops Blotter
  • Client View - Client Relationship Management System, including - Consolidated
  • Client Statements
  • Sentinel Report

  • Dashboard System - Financial Institution Management Reporting Tool
  • MyMoneyConcepts.com - Online Client Account Aggregation and Records Vault Tracker
  • Morningstar Advisor Work Station
  • Net Exchange Pro™
  • NaviPlan / Financial Profiles
All commercial banks, savings & loans and thrift institutions.​

  • ​​Proven and unique Business Model
  • Attracts N​ew Customers
  • Independent & Non-Proprietary Products
  • New Profit Center​​
    • Fees / Commissions
    • Assets Under Management
    • Wealth Management / Financial Planning Emphasis
  • Enhances Current Customer Relationships
  • Money Concepts University
  • Local / National Training & Education
  • Staff Training Education
  • True Ownership of Business

 2018 Due Diligence Workshops

​Money Concepts' due diligence workshops enable bankers to see the inner workings of its ABA-endorsed Wealth Management and Financial Planning program and discuss one-on-one how the program can serve bank customers. All travel expenses are paid by Money Concepts for these 1½-day events, which take place at the company's Florida headquarters. Workshops are scheduled for:
  • January 9 - 10
  • February 6 - 7
  • April 10 -11
  • May 8 - 9
  • June 5 - 6
  • August 7 - 8
  • October 9 - 10
Learn more and reserve your spot. Email Barry Dayley or call (561) 847-2112.  ​

​Questions? Please contact Helen Sullivan for more information.


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