Virtual Banking Solutions

The Q2 virtual banking platform enables banks to extend their brand, grow their business, and engage their account holders through a virtual banking experience that connects banks to their account holders, who expect and appreciate a unified banking experience that enables engagement anytime, anywhere, via any device. 
For nearly a decade, Q2 has helped banks thrive and gain a competitive advantage through integration of its “The Power of One” philosophy:  one platform, one interface to the core, one management view, and one unified user experience across all devices and all channels. 

Market Profile: Q2 Virtual Banking Solutions are appropriate for any U.S. bank that views the virtual channel and the customer experience as strategic differentiators.


 Program Features

Online: Online banking developed with a user-centered, tablet-first design methodology, Q2’s online banking solutions have redefined the virtual banking experience. Online Banking features integrated bill payment solutions that mirror Q2’s online banking look and feel, optimized workflows, and integrated marketing tools to extend your brand and sell your products.
Commercial: Commercial banking with robust collections, entitlements, reports, and payments management templates, Q2’s commercial solutions are designed to serve the cash management needs of small businesses, as well as the higher-end treasury management needs of large businesses.
Mobile: A feature-rich solution that mirrors the online experience, Mobile Banking is designed to meet the needs of the fastest growing segment of virtual banking users. Whether it’s a commercial client authorizing a wire transfer, or a retail account holder paying a bill, Q2 mobile solutions enable your bank to serve them all.
Voice: As an integrated component of the Q2 virtual banking platform, the Q2 voice banking solution enables your account holders to access the same information they would access through online and mobile channels.
Analytics: A powerful set of tools enabling banks to utilize data in order to make more informed decisions, resulting in improved operational and financial performance. Configurable reports allow executives to track the information that is important to them.​

 Bank Benefits

  • Improves operational efficiency: One back-office tool to manage the entire virtual branch
  • Improves brand image: Through state-of-the-art platform and design aesthetics
  • Reduces customer service calls: Intuitive, unified user experience reduces confusion
  • Positions you for growth: Extendable platform built to accommodate new technologies
  • Improves bank security: Native security options can help reduce fraud loss
  • Increases opportunities: Scalable, single platform to serve retail and business banking
  • Increases virtual banking adoption: Feature-rich, intuitive solution attracts users

 Account Holder Benefits

  • Better user experience: Intuitive and consistent user experience across all devices
  • Greater freedom: Functionality consistent across all channels and all devices
  • Reduces log-in credentials: One user ID and password accesses all virtual channels
  • Accommodates their lifestyle: Solution is configurable to account holder’s preferences

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 Q2 Success Story

Watch Q2 Information Technology Vice President Lou Senko discuss how this online banking provider delivered third-platform, tablet-first, scalable solutions with an EMC Cloud solution. As a result, Q2 enabled IT staff to become innovators and valued partners, building agile, cost-effective, application-focused solutions for local banks.

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