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Geezeo: Personal Financial Management

Data-Driven Solutions. Working together with its partners and clients, Geezeo’s platform delivers enriched digital banking experiences. By processing, storing and augmenting billions of transactions, Geezeo plays a significant role as a critical data partner. Financial institutions benefit from Geezeo’s proven insights that enhance the overall customer experience. FIs’ customers benefit from more personalized experiences between themselves and their FIs.

Digital Financial Management Solutions
PFM (Personal Finance Management) is far more than allowing customers access to their banking information. It’s about building in robust APIs and responsive tiles to provide tools to customers that also allow their FIs to better understand their customers’ individual needs with enriched data. Geezeo accomplishes this with its innovative PFM platform.




Geezeo Platform:

The Geezeo platform consists of 3 primary pillars including Data Enrichment, Customer Experience and Marketing.


Other Solutions:
  • Data: Ability to transform unmanageable volumes of data into actionable, individualized opportunities to enhance each customer experience is what sets Geezeo apart. Enriched data is the beginning of a virtuous circle that allows you to better understand your customers’ needs, which allows your marketing team to offer them exactly what they want.
  • CX : Flexible API, unique Responsive Tiles, sophisticated predictive analytics and compelling mobile-first PFM, mean both you and your customers can do more with our innovative digital financial management tools.
  • Marketing: Reimagine your relationship with your (please remove “your”) customers while creating more growth opportunities for your financial institution. Enriched data means a virtuous circle from customer engagement to your marketing efforts. Learning the needs and timing of your customers' needs means better service for them, more opportunity for you.
  • PFM for Mobile: Mobile PFM, a feature-rich solution that mirrors the online experience, is designed to meet the needs of your fastest growing segment of digital banking users.
  • Geezeo API: Geezeo goes beyond the Omni Channel to provide PFM delivery to any channel and multiple devices—mobile, tablet, ATM and more.
  • Data Analytics: All Geezeo products offer a set of tools enabling banks to utilize data in order to make more informed decisions. In most cases, reports are customizable allowing executives to track the information that is most critical.

Geezeo is constantly seeking to improve the power, security and convenience of the digital banking experience for you and your customers.

Learn more about what the Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution can do for you:




Geezeo’s primary focus is to provide technologies that enable clients and their partners to activate and engage target audiences. They help clients empower consumers and businesses to participate in sound financial decision-making and provide them an engaging and relevant experience.

Market Profile: Geezeo’s platforms and solutions are ideal for any U.S. bank that views the digital channel and the customer experience as a strategic differentiator and brand builder. Geezeo has over 500 clients nationwide.

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For the Bank

  • Drives Growth: Geezeo PFM leverages data to drive share of wallet and allows you to craft relevant offers.
  • Improves Retention: Geezeo PFM drives relationships and creates a sticky environment.
  • Easy Integration: Geezeo PFM offers proven integration with most cores, online banking and mobile providers.

For the Account Holder

  • Better User Experience: Geezeo PFM promotes an intuitive and consistent user experience across all devices.
  • Customer Empowerment: Geezeo PFM enhances the customers’ control of their financial destiny.
  • Simplifies Banking: Geezeo PFM offers one-stop financial control to your customers, who look for financial institutions that deliver a better customer experience in today’s banking environment.





Recent Webinars

  • Myths & Realities of the Internet of Things and Banking
    January 16, 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET
    Geezeo will host an informative webinar with leading experts in financial technology to discuss the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and related emerging technologies on retail banking. Gregg Early, Geezeo’s Strategic Content Director, will moderate and lead a lively conversation about the myths and realities of IoT in the banking industry. Panelists include:
    • Aaron Junod, Vice President, Product Management, Geezeo
    • John Best, Founder, Best Innovation Group (BIG)
    • Tracey Dunlap, Chief Experience Officer, Zenmonics
    • Zack Miller, Founder, Tearsheet
  • Build Stronger, Deeper Customer Relationships in the Digital Channel

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