Geezeo: Personal Financial Management

Geezeo provides Personal Financial Management (PFM) and supporting technologies that enable banks to best engage their markets.  Geezeo’s technologies support sound financial decision-making and a customer engagement approach that helps drive growth and increase retention rates, and empowers customers to take better control of their finances.




​Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Geezeo offers an integrated suite of proven Personal Financial Management (PFM) software for financial institutions. Geezeo has proven, real working relationships with most core processors and online banking providers.  Its PFM platform provides your bank’s online banking and bill pay users with more control and a holistic view of their assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals and budgets. Geezeo helps banks monetize digital banking.
Other Solutions:
  • PFM for Business Customers: TruBiz from Geezeo is a white-label business financial management tool that helps financial institutions enhance their market position within the competitive small and middle market business segments. The Geezeo platform compliments online banking by providing robust online financial management to business banking clients, offering business customers and banks predictive insight and capability beyond what is typically expected.
  • PFM for Mobile: Mobile PFM, a feature-rich solution that mirrors the online experience, is designed to meet the needs of your fastest growing segment of digital banking users.
  • Geezeo API: Geezeo goes beyond the Omni Channel to provide PFM delivery to any channel and multiple devices—mobile, tablet, ATM and more.
  • Data Analytics: All Geezeo products offer a set of tools enabling banks to utilize data in order to make more informed decisions. In most cases, reports are customizable allowing executives to track the information that is most critical.​

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Geezeo’s primary focus is to provide technologies that enable clients and their partners to activate and engage target audiences. They help clients empower consumers and businesses to participate in sound financial decision-making and provide them an engaging and relevant experience.

Market Profile: Geezeo’s platforms and solutions are ideal for any U.S. bank that views the digital channel and the customer experience as a strategic differentiator and brand builder. Geezeo has over 350 clients nationwide.

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For the Bank

  • Drives Growth: Geezeo PFM leverages data to drive share of wallet and allows you to craft relevant offers.
  • Improves Retention: Geezeo PFM drives relationships and creates a sticky environment.
  • Easy Integration: Geezeo PFM offers proven integration with most cores, online banking and mobile providers.

For the Account Holder

  • Better User Experience: Geezeo PFM promotes an intuitive and consistent user experience across all devices.
  • Customer Empowerment: Geezeo PFM enhances the customers’ control of their financial destiny.
  • Simplifies Banking: Geezeo PFM offers one-stop financial control to your customers, who look for financial institutions that deliver a better customer experience in today’s banking environment.






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