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GlobalVision Systems, Inc.: AML & ATF Transaction Monitoring

ABA is pleased to offer its endorsement of GlobalVision Systems' PATRIOT OFFICER® to help banks efficiently and accurately manage the BSA, AML and ATF functions. PATRIOT OFFICER, an advanced and powerful Adaptive Intelligent BSA/AML/ATF system, uses Dynamic Multidimensional Risk-Weighted Suspicious Activities DetectorTM (U. S. Patent Pending) to effectively automate the BSA/AML/ATF workflow by monitoring, screening, detecting, alerting, investigating and analyzing suspicious activities of all transactions across all product lines in financial institutions of all sizes with high resolution and accuracy. Thousands of compliance professionals are using the PATRIOT Officer to comply with the escalating stringent US regulatory requirements with peace of mind.​​

Market Profile: Designed for financial institutions of all sizes with high scalability, PATRIOT Officer is available via license and hosted ASP arrangements.



The PATRIOT OFFICER loads a bank's transactional data and customer information data into a database.  With a fully integrated dynamic and adaptive multidimensional intelligent engine, the PATRIOT OFFICER detects suspicious activities and empowers financial institutions of all sizes to effectively comply with the risk-based policy, procedure and process as required by the BSA/AML Examination Manual published by FFIEC. The PATRIOT OFFICER dynamically transforms the complex risks through risk modeling so that risk-based algorithms can be used to analyze and investigate suspicious activities effectively and efficiently. The PATRIOT OFFICER offers financial institutions risk-based intelligence and algorithms, and high degree of precision in slicing data, leading to more accurately alerting and identifying suspicious activity with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.  More on PATRIOT Officer.

Solution Highlights:

  • The BSA/AML/ATF/OFAC solution used by thousands of compliance professionals
  • Empowers financial institutions to establish risk-based policy and procedure quickly and easily in compliance with BSA/AML Examination Manual
  • Provides the highest degree of automation to streamline the compliance process and provide an effective and efficient workflow
  • Exclusive interface with GUARDIAN OFFICER-the most powerful Anti-Fraud solution
  • Provides a comprehensive scope of transactional monitoring of all transactions of all products lines in financial institutions of all sizes
  • Manages high-risk clients dynamically according to the BSA/AML Examination Manual published by FFIEC
  • Integrates risk-based algorithms into suspicious activities detection with higher resolution and accurate results
  • Enforces risk-based process effectively and efficiently
  • Monitors and detects suspicious cash, check, wire transfer, ACH, ATM, monetary instrument, and loan transactions etc. across all business lines
  • Provides user-friendly customizable applications, providing flexibility in complicated and unique environments
  • Fosters bank-wide cooperation and enforces accountability
  • Interfaces with government networks for electronic CTR and SAR filings
  • Offers fast implementation and rapid product updates to reflect changing regulatory or technology needs
  • Exclusive interface with the United Crime Elimination Network
  • Incorporates risk management into Advanced Customer Identification Program
  • Interfaces with all leading core data processing systems
  • Fully integrated BSA/USA PATRIOT Act/AML/ATF/OFAC Solution, integrating all functions of the entire AML/BSA/ATF process
  • Powerful Case Management System increases overall efficiency and bank-wide cooperation
  • Extremely scalable for banks of all sizes, fostering growth and expansion without any limitations
  • Available as either in-house or ASP solution
  • Employs a browser-based architecture; eliminating IT maintenance and support of the client application software
  • Incorporates the Holding Company hierarchy; exceeding both the regulatory and technical requirements
Background: ​As a result of the USA PATRIOT Act and the industry's on-going role and interest in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, there has been an increasing emphasis to strengthen measures to prevent, detect, and prosecute those involved with money laundering and the financing of terrorism as well as to strengthen the provisions put into place by the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. There has been particular focus on internal controls needed to identify money laundering and terrorist financing activities. While banks are not required to have an automated solution, many financial institutions have decided that software is a key resource in finding, tracking and reporting suspicious activity.

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Established in 1986 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, GlobalVision Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of the most advanced and comprehensive regulatory compliance software, anti fraud and risk management solutions. These solutions empower financial institutions to eliminate various losses and risks, and to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”), the USA PATRIOT Act, the FACT Act (“FACTA”), the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (“UIGEA”) and the requirements from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) and other government organizations worldwide.

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PATRIOT OFFICER is the industry leading regulatory compliance and risk management solution for financial institutions of all sizes, integrating anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and anti-fraud capabilities all into a single streamlined system.

PATRIOT OFFICER is fully compatible with your existing core processing system - delivering scalability and data accuracy while eliminating the need for costly third-party interface solutions.

PATRIOT OFFICER exclusively uses the most advanced adaptive intelligence technology, empowering financial institutions to effectively comply with risk-based policy, procedure and process as required by the BSA/AML examination manual.

PATRIOT OFFICER comes with unparalleled quality and service. With the largest engineering staff and customer service team in the industry, we’re fully committed to providing unwavering support and training.




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