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Marquis: Marketing Analytical Software and Professional Services

"Easy to use, fantastic customer service and support. We use their ExecuTrax and OnTrax."
- Diane Brennwald, Countryside Bank

The ExecuTrax system consolidates disparate data into a logical, accurate, and easily-managed database built specifically for banks. This allows the marketing team to quickly examine data for patterns and trends which can be used to drive income and reduce expenses – without the need for a separate analyst or involvement from IT.
Enjoy the benefits of a database marketing, analytics, and campaign tracking – without the full-time staff expense. Your OnTrax consultant will bring your data to life, helping to drive both your strategic and tactical marketing efforts. We will provide you with expert guidance in the planning, execution, and results-tracking stages of your marketing efforts.




  • Daily updates. Included in Marquis' software is the ability to update your data daily. No more waiting 30-45 days to analyze your data only to have it be outdated the very next day. Your recommendations are always current. Your analysis is always on point.
  • Campaign management. Measure and analyze all of your marketing events down to the individual customer. Marquis' campaign tracker shows your response rate and ROI based on any attribute you want to report.
  • Marketing automation. Included in Marquis' system is a complete marketing automation tool called TriggerPro. It will allow you to communicate daily based on near real-time events such as product openings, new households, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  • One database. Marquis combines data from any source, including your core, credit card, mortgage, investment, insurance, demographic, psychograph, and predictive models.  Marquis creates a robust database ready to be analyzed by individual and household.


  • Key indicators. Your OnTrax consultant will determine your profit drivers, identify the best products to increase  share of wallet, create customer profiles, and analyze campaign performance. This gives you the time to stay strategic and focus on growing your business, not on the mechanical details of the data analysis.
  • Campaign tracking. All campaigns will be tracked in detail. You will consistently receive ROI reports on every campaign sent by your marketing department. Results can include direct and indirect results, segmentation performance, and branch metrics.
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    Company Overview

    Over 700 financial institutions in North America have trusted Marquis' software and consulting solutions for over 30 years. Marquis features a robust offering of marketing and compliance data analytics, marketing automation tools, professional services, CRM software, Exam-ready compliance software, and a full array of analog and digital marketing tools including direct mail, email fulfillment, and website tracking. ABA endorses Executrax and Ontrax data analytics solutions for marketing and business intelligence.






    • Data updated daily. Data is updated daily meaning you can act quicker to communication opportunities.
    • No IT required for daily updates. Once the system is set up and validated, Marquis can host and update your data either on-premise or remotely. No longer do you have to compete for scarce IT resources to execute your marketing strategies.
    • Marketing automation included. TriggerPro is the marketing engine that even sends each direct mail/email piece for you automatically, daily, for maximum results.


    • No additional staff required. Our strategists act as an extension of your marketing department without the overhead. Marquis strategists, on average, have a decade of bank marketing experience.
    • Campaign tracking. When it's time to prove your results, you will have all the information you need. Your MARQUIS consultant will handle the monitoring, measurement and results tracking, clearly demonstrating the return on your marketing investment.
    • Strategic planning. Your goals are the starting point, as your Marquis strategist builds and drives your marketing tactics to achieve the results you need.






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