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Industry Insights

Leveraging the vast store of knowledge and expertise available through the providers of ABA Endorsed Solutions, we are happy to present high-value thought leadership resources from these companies.

May 2019

Some community financial institutions are looking for simpler, more practical methodologies for implementing CECL than those being used by larger, more complex banks and credit unions. This whitepaper explores one methodology, the remaining life method, that represents a streamlined option for some financial institutions to implement the new standard for accounting for credit losses.

November 2018

Franklin Madison
This ebook from Franklin Madison shares key marketing tools that will help you understand and apply timely and personalized data to build a marketing blueprint that will drive results and cultivate customer engagement.

September 2018

The evolving and expanding QM and non-QM markets are opening doors for greater volume and profitability opportunities, but also greater regulatory risk. This white paper from ComplianceEase examines the benefits and the challenges of originating non-QM, as well as best practices for building an automated, compliant loan lifecycle.

June 2018

Q1 2018 Findings on BOLI Holdings Now Available
Equias Alliance

To monitor trends in the bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) market, Equias Alliance, an NFP Company, together with Michael White Associates, has published the Equias Alliance/Michael White BOLI Holdings Report™ for the period ending March 31, 2018. BOLI assets reached $169.42 billion as of the end of the first quarter of 2018, reflecting a 3.8% increase from $163.18 billion as of March 31, 2017. Of the 5,606 banks in the current survey, 63.6% now report holding BOLI assets. Download the report.

April 2018

Use Compensation Plans to Tackle a Talent Shortage

A top priority for banks is to recruit, retain and reward key officers whose leadership and contributions are critical to remaining competitive.  Nonqualified benefit plans continue to be of the most powerful and effective tools your bank can implement.  Read more to learn how banks retain and reward top performers and grow profits. Original article was published on

February 2018

Four Strategies for Enabling Innovation
Organizations are missing out on opportunities to innovate and grow because of a roadblock known as risk and compliance. This Crowe Horwath LLP article covers four strategies a company can use to help them progress toward a forward-thinking approach to risk management that supports innovation.

Establishing a Credit Data Mart: A 90-Day Sprint to Value
New regulatory requirements and financial reporting guidance are adding significantly to banks’ credit data analysis and decision-making responsibilities. Creating a central credit data mart can greatly accelerate compliance with these requirements, while also enabling improved capital planning and loan portfolio management. This Crowe Horwath LLP article provides an overview of the benefits of a credit data mart, with valuable suggestions on how to launch such an effort in a way that adds value quickly.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Banking: Transforming Customer Intelligence
Advanced machine learning and business intelligence technology has the potential to transform the way banks understand their customers and manage their day-to-day operations. This Crowe Horwath LLP article provides an overview of how banks are applying predictive and prescriptive analytics, along with an example of a structured, phased execution approach that can help banks move quickly to upgrade their capabilities.

January 2018

MarketLogics Newsletter

MarketLogics, a LoanLogics daily newsletter providing technical, interest rate, volatility and yield spread outlooks, has just recently issues its Annual Forecast for 2018.

StoneCastle Podcast on CECL Impact

A new accounting standard that changes that way banks reserve for loan losses might not sound that earth-shattering but it could lead to a capital shortfall as large as $70 billion across the banking industry. Josh Siegel, CEO of StoneCastle Partners, an investor and adviser to community banks, and Ethan Heisler, president of the Bank Treasury Newsletter, discuss the impact of new standard, dubbed the current expected credit loss model, or CECL, in this Street Talk podcast by S&P Global Market Intelligence senior research analyst Nathan Stovall.

CECL Impact Story: CECL Could Create Large Capital Shortfall for Community Banks
Small banks may be challenged to maintain Well Capitalized TRBC ratios under CECL because the additional amount of ALLL in excess of 1.25% of TRBA will not count as tier 2 capital. Small banks historically underutilize subordinated debt as part of capital planning, instead relying primarily on common stock. Unlike the ALLL, subordinated debt is not capped for the calculation of TRBC and can offer a less expensive “CECL capital buffer”.


 Past Industry Insights


June 2017

Crowe Horwath LLP
This article takes a look at the increasing role of data in financial institutions and explains why banks need to employ data analytics not just in their business decision-making but also to monitor their compliance. It examines the potential advantages and challenges of using data analytics for compliance purposes and describes the prerequisites to success.

May 2017

General Account BOLI Sales Dominate Market in 2016
Equias Alliance
In 2016, bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) sales fell $804 million from 2015 to $3.244 billion, but the percentage of banks with BOLI policies increased to 62.2 percent, up from 60.5 percent the year before.  In this article, David Shoemaker and Ken Derks from Equias Alliance outline the facts as to why general account BOLI sales dominated the market in 2016.  The original article was published on  

April 2017

Q4 2016 Findings on BOLI Holdings Now Available
Equias Alliance
Equias Alliance in partnership with Michael White Associates has published the Equias Alliance/Michael White BOLI Holdings Report™ for the period ending December 31, 2016.  This study is produced on a monthly basis to monitor and assess trends in the bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) market. It analyzes BOLI holdings from a number of different perspectives, including by type and size of institution, type of BOLI asset and amount of cash surrender value held by banks. BOLI assets reached $161.8 billion at December 31, 2016, reflecting a 3.6% increase from $156.2 billion as of December 31, 2015. The data also shows that the percentage of banks holding BOLI assets and the amount of BOLI assets held by banks continues to increase. Download the report.

10 Steps to Implementing an Effective Third-Party Risk Program
Crowe Horwath LLP
While many banks have fortified their risk management programs, many take a reactive approach rather than a comprehensive organizational stance. This checklist provides details on how banks can streamline the implementation and optimization of an effective third-party risk program.

March 2017

Five Building Blocks for a Healthy Relationship with Regulators 
Crowe Horwath LLP
A bank's relationship with its regulators is critical at a time when enforcement actions are high and regulators' presence is constant both during and between examinations. Crowe Horwath provides guidance for cultivating a healthy and ongoing relationship with regulators.

February 2017

Reverse Mortgages: From Stigma to Smart Strategy
Reverse Mortgage Funding
According to a number of recent articles and retirement researchers, the reverse mortgage is a valuable tool for older Americans who are facing financial uncertainty in retirement. Spurred on by a number of positive reverse mortgage product and program changes that have been implemented in the last few years, a recent wave of support from wealth management experts and academics has not only helped to sway public opinion, but also provided educated insight into the essential strategic uses of a reverse mortgage.

January 2017

Perspectives from the 2016 Crowe Bank Compensation Survey
Crowe Horwath
Every year, Crowe Horwath LLP surveys banks across the United States about compensation trends, benefits, incentives, and other human resource issues. The 2016 survey drew responses from 378 participants, representing a broad cross-section of the banking industry. The new survey data show that the competition for talented banking industry executives and employees is intensifying, and banks are applying a range of strategies to attract, motivate, and retain productive team members.

Are You Getting Day 1 Certainty Yet?
Fannie Mae

Day 1 Certainty™ gives banks increased efficiency and freedom from representations and warranties on key mortgage loan components. Leverage the Day 1 Certainty™ offerings from Fannie Mae to serve your customers through even more efficient origination, processing, and closing of mortgage loans.

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