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Anti-Fraud, Anti-Identity Theft, Internal Control Monitoring Software

GlobalVision Systems' GUARDIAN OFFICER® system offers financial institutions a comprehensive scope of protection against losses and damages caused by fraud and financial crimes.  GUARDIAN OFFICER empowers financial institutions to detect and prevent check fraud, check kiting, deposit fraud, credit card fraud, debit card fraud, ATM fraud, wire fraud, ACH fraud, Internet fraud, identity theft, employee fraud and also perform internal control monitoring as required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  GUARDIAN OFFICER streamlines the case investigation and the filing of Suspicious Activity Report ("SAR") in compliance with the requirements set by Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN").

In addition, GUARDIAN OFFICER is fully integrated with the PATRIOT OFFICER®, the ABA-endorsed BSA/AML/ATF/FACTA/UIGEA compliance solution also provided by GlobalVision Systems.  GUARDIAN OFFICER and PATRIOT OFFICER share the same hardware and database and form a centralized platform for enterprise-wide case management, consolidating AML and Fraud Prevention processes with maximum efficiency.

Market Profile:  Designed for financial institutions of all sizes with high scalability, GUARDIAN OFFICER is available via license and hosted ASP arrangements.


 Program Highlights

  • ​​Detects and prevents a comprehensive scope of fraud and financial crimes
  • Compliant with the FinCEN requirements, the FACT Act, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Interfaces with the United Crimes Elimination Network (UCEN. Net) to fully utilize the financial intelligence provided by UCEN
  • Shares the same hardware and database with the PATRIOT OFFICER to form a centralized platform for enterprise-wide case management, consolidating AML and Fraud Prevention processes with maximum efficiency
  • Fully Integrated with the PATRIOT OFFICER to provide a best-in-class regulatory compliance, risk management and fraud prevention solution
  • Integrates risk-based algorithms into fraudulent activities detection with high resolution and accurate results
  • Proactively meets the market needs to prevent various types of fraud, which have been evolving as technology advances
  • Interfaces with government networks for electronic SAR filings
  • Protected by 4 patents and pending patents
  • Utilizes the popular MS Windows operating system and MS SQL database engine
  • Highly scalable based on the 3-tier architecture and suitable for financial institutions of all asset sizes
  • Incorporates the holding company hierarchy; exceeding both the regulatory and technical requirements
  • Interfaces with all major core data processing systems
  • Compliant with risk-based policy, procedure, and processes,which are recommended by regulators as the best practice
  • Offers fast implementation and rapid product updates to reflect changing regulatory or technology needs
  • Simplifies enterprise resources management, saving money, resources, and time
  • Available as both an in-house licensed solution and as an ASP hosting solution

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