Endorsed Solutions Experts

ABA Endorsed Solutions Group is comprised of subject-matter experts with a deep understanding of the banking industry and the technologies changing the industry. Our team helps you make better business decisions, providing unique insight into the solutions, companies and trends that will enable your bank to grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.

Managing Senior Vice President, ABA Endorsed Solutions

Lisa Gold Schier is the Managing Senior Vice President for ABA Endorsed Solutions. Banks turn to the proven expertise of ABA Endorsed Solutions for strategic guidance and the most advanced technologies to grow their business and transform the customer experience. Gold Schier leads the team of experts that research and conduct analysis on the solutions that help banks meet their customer’s expectations.

Senior Vice President, ABA Endorsed Solutions: Retail, Risk Managment, Cybersecurity

As a Senior Vice President of ABA Endorsed Solutions, Robin Gordon is responsible for the strategic management and direction for ABA's endorsed retail, risk management and cybersecurity products. In this role, Robin leads a team that helps banks defend their electronic infrastructure, identifying solutions that reduce card fraud, monitor and mitigate cyber attacks; and protect the bank’s brand. A member of the ABA’s Fintech Task Force, Robin’s banking experience includes retail marketing, trust and private banking business development.

Senior Vice President, ABA Endorsed Solutions: Payments and Operations

Christopher is Senior Vice President at American Bankers Association (ABA) where he is responsible for payments and operations. He is a subject matter expert on payment technologies and their regulatory environments and leads a team of payment professionals at ABA that assist ABA members with product strategy and execution. He is a frequent speaker at industry events on emerging payments and technologies.

Senior Vice President, ABA Endorsed Solutions: Capital Markets, Balance Sheet Management, Digital Lending

Helen Sullivan, a Senior Vice President of ABA Endorsed Solutions, focuses primarily on the development and implementation of strategic alliances within the capital markets, balance sheet management and most recently digital lending sectors. Additionally, she manages ABA's relationship with the Nasdaq-OMX Stock Market and was instrumental in development of the ABA-NASDAQ Community Bank Stock Index, the most broadly diversified index and benchmark for publicly traded community banks.

Senior Vice President, ABA Endorsed Solutions: Mortgage Finance and Compliance

As a Senior Vice President of ABA Endorsed Solutions, Deborah Whiteside is responsible for developing and managing successful strategic partnerships between the community banking industry and the mortgage finance and compliance industries. Since inception, the partnerships have produced over $200 billion in business. Whiteside is also President and COO of ABA Community Bank Mortgage LLC, an ABA subsidiary organization co-owned with bankers that launched in September 2007 to serve as a cooperative-like organization for community banks that are active in the secondary mortgage markets.

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