Anti-Phishing and Brand Protection

​Combining unmatched visibility, unique detection intelligence, and expedited attack takedown, the digital threat protection suite from Easy Solutions offers a unique approach to combat phishing and other attacks aimed at compromising the bank’s website, virtual banking platforms, applications, and other electronic assets. 

Banks gain a proactive strategy against fraud by detecting and mitigating attacks aimed at stealing personal information of customers and employees.  The solution provides continuous monitoring and analysis of email, web and social media channels as well as rapid removal of identified threats.

ABA members will receive 60 days' complimentary Payment Card Monitoring in the Deep Web with enrollment of the Easy Solutions Detect Monitoring Service. 


 Program Features

Key components of the suite include:
  • Early Phishing Detection
    Wide coverage of web, social media and email sources to detect newly configured phishing attacks, often before they are fully launched.

  • Domain and Social Media for Impersonation Monitoring
    Analysis of social networks and domain registrations to find fake social profiles, malicious mentions and similar domains that impersonate your company and compromise customer information.

  • Email Fraud Protection
    Email fraud is on the rise, business email compromise (BEC) and consumer phishing are at an all-time high.  Gain visibility into who is sending emails across your enterprise and move to implement a policy blocking emails sent from unauthorized sources.

  • Rogue Mobile Application Protection
    Detect and remove unauthorized applications imitating your official app from third-party app stores. This reduces the risk of customers inadvertently downloading imposter apps.

  • Dark Web Scanning for Stolen/Compromised Cards
    Our unique threat monitoring solution penetrates the restricted cybercrime zone known as the Dark Web looking for compromised credit/debit card data to proactively mitigate impact after breaches.

  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Cloud portal delivers a real-time view of all the components of your organization’s digital threat protection. An all-encompassing dashboard illustrates threat data, including volume by source and category, and takedown status. Users can also set up email alerts, create online or printed reports, request takedowns. Plus, data are readily integrated with other systems with REST APIs.


 Program Benefits

  • ​Visibility – Continuous analysis and monitoring of a wide range of sources across emails, web and social media channels with custom and dataset integration like DMARC reports, abuse box and referrer weblogs.

  • Detection and Intelligence – Quickly finds and confirms evidence of phishing and other attacks at scale by using different proprietary machine learning classification algorithms.

  • Expedited Attack Takedown – Rapidly removes identified threats before customers or employees become aware of a disruption.

  • Convenient Adoption –  Turnkey service offers simple setup with no integration required and minimal resource investment.

  • Stop Email Fraud – Block business email compromises or fraudsters' emails spoofing your domains before they reach your employees and customers.