Digital Account Opening

​The Zenmonics channelUNITED platform transforms your digital account opening by enabling continuous engagement with your customers on a single, powerful banking platform. That continuity changes everything about how customers experience your bank when opening an account, how your frontline bankers engage and how your contact centers provide assistance.

Zenmonics channelUNITED empowers banks to:

Unify the customer experience across all channels. The channelUNITED solution is the only platform that spans all your self-service and assisted interaction points, which means you can continuously engage your customers and bankers in one place and seamlessly finish it in another.

Dissolve the friction between bankers and customers. With the channelUNITED platform, bankers can see exactly what customers see, dissolving any friction, and facilitating more productive customer conversations.
Evolve from maintenance to innovation.
Today banks spend 65% of their discretionary investment on maintenance, driven by the disparate solutions. channelUNITED’s Account Opening offers a path to align all channels on a single platform, thus drastically reducing time and cost to implement changes.

ABA members receive preferred pricing on Zenmonics channelUNITED Digital Account Opening platform.


 Key Features

Mobile Responsive:
  • Consistency Across Devices
  • Cost Effective
  • Improved User Experience
  • Limited Friction

Control the Glass:
Control your style and design from branding to data.

Channel Agnostic:
Assisted and un-assisted channels have real-time access to all applications and origination flows.


​By establishing continuity with channelUNITED, your bank can reduce employee uncertainty and customer frustration for opening new accounts and facilitating better banking relationships.

The solution enables you to:
  • Minimize abandonement rates to gain an edge over your competition
  • Enable your customer and associates to open and fund accounts in less than 5 minutes
  • Drive a majority of your account openings through mobile devices (>65%) to maximize the assets under your control
  • Eliminate back-office costs by automating in-line account services
  • Stay compliant with real-time regulatory and fraud verifications


 Program Contacts

ABA Endorsed Solutions
Christopher McClinton
Vice President, Payments & Operations
Tel: (202) 663-5088

Chris Siemasko
Chief Product Officer
Tel: (704) 564-1107