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Confirmation: Online Audit Confirmation and Credit Inquiry Platform

ConfirmationFinancial institutions face a variety of challenges including increased regulatory requirements, added pressure to reduce costs, and finding ways to improve operational efficiency — all while increasing client acquisition and retention.  At the same time, responding to audit confirmations and commercial credit inquiry requests further challenge banks because the traditional processes are extremely time-consuming and pose an increased level of risk.

Auditors and credit managers mail millions of audit confirmation letters and commercial credit inquiries requesting confirmation their clients’ balances and arrangements annually. Responding to these numerous requests by mail, fax, and email has proven to be inefficient and ineffective. Confirmation’s online solution automates audit confirmation and credit inquiry processes, allowing banks to comply with regulatory standards, increase productivity, and reduce risk.

Free to Financial Institutions 

As a FREE service for banks, Confirmation is used by more than 4,000 banks worldwide to process more than $1 trillion in confirmations each year. The Confirmation platform drives efficiency, helps combat fraud, and enhances the customer experience.




    Confirmation: Audit Confirmation Requests

    Use Confirmation to respond to a wide variety of audit confirmations including:
    • Cash
    • Debt
    • Alternative Investment
    • Bond Issue
    • Client Consolidated
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Compensating Balances
    • Consolidated
    • Contingent Liability
    • Cutoff Statement
    • Derivatives
    • Escrow/Trust Account
    • Letter of Credit
    • Obligation to Lessor
    • Pension Plan Assets Trustee Register
    • Safe Deposit
    • Securities with Custodian
    • Signature Card
    • Time Deposit

    Credit Inquiries

    Confirmation’s automated process standardizes credit inquiry requests and archives responses electronically while allowing financial institutions to comply with regulatory standards and increase productivity. Some requests include but are not limited to:
    • Verification of account type (checking, loan)
    • Balance in relative terms  (low, moderate, high
    • Opening date
    • Number of days overdrawn
    Learn more about what the Confirmation solution can do for you:





    Confirmation provides secure online confirmation services for auditors—those responding to confirmation requests and their shared client. Confirmation's patented service provides an all-in-one solution that helps minimize fraud and elevate efficiency for the entire audit confirmation process.

    Confirmation's unique Authentication and Authorization process validates the authenticity and authorization of each user. Over 16,000 accounting firms, 200,000 auditors, and tens of thousands of responding organizations around the globe trust Confirmation for their audit confirmation needs.



    Free Service
    Requestors like auditors and credit managers pay for the service to get quicker responses and improved efficiency. It is completely free for banks.

    Connect to a Global Network
    16,000+ accounting firms and  200,000 auditors worldwide use Confirmation.

    Drive Efficiency
    Eliminate manual redundant processes and experience up to 90% time savings.

    Combat Fraud
    Controlling the process reduces the risk of confirmation fraud.
    Protect Data
    Confirmation's secure platform protects privacy and confidentiality of users’ data. Learn more.
    Ensure Services Levels
    Confirmation's reporting allows you to track aging and ensure service levels are achieved.
    Simple Registration
    There’s no software to install. All you need is an email address and access to a web browser.






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