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Equias Alliance provides third-party administration services for bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) and Executive and Director nonqualified benefit plans.  The Equias Alliance BOLI consultants and team members are industry professionals, whose guidance has for many years assisted banks of all sizes with designing, implementing and administering BOLI and nonqualified benefit plans.


  • Establish and maintain records of each insurance policy and for each insured
  • Update policy records to reflect changes in insured status or coverage
  • Coordinate death claim processing between banks and insurance carriers
    Coordinate policy changes between banks and insurance carriers
  • Monitor the status of insured lives by reviewing Social Security Administration records
  • Provide cash value and other relevant BOLI financial performance reports
  • Monitor carrier ratings on an ongoing basis and report rating changes to clients

Executive and Director Nonqualified Benefit Plans:
  • Establish and maintain records of each individual benefit plan agreement
  • Update benefit plan records to reflect changes in participant status or benefits
  • Provide annual participant benefit statements
  • Provide annual benefit liability and other reports to assist the bank with accounting and tax reporting

(also see ABA due diligence report, October 2011)
  • Technical knowledge and support of Equias Alliance's staff as evidenced by the feedback CAB received from the ABA's Tax, Accounting and Financial Management area
  • Exemplary and complimentary feedback from bankers


Financial institutions of any size seeking a superior BOLI and/or nonqualified benefit plan administration.

Questions? Please contact Jackie Lucas for more information.


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