ABA Credit Card

ABA Credit Card, powered by FIS, gives members a full-service Visa® and MasterCard® program including credit, debit, and merchant card processing. Through FIS, you benefit from support that includes a top-notch travel rewards program, complete transaction processing, 24/7 customer service, marketing assistance, portfolio development, risk management and ABA group pricing.

Offer a Credit Card You Control

Benefits include:
  • You keep all the revenue less operating costs as a direct card issuer while building a new profit center.
  • Besides interest income, you build a steady stream of non-interest fee income.
  • Your bank has the opportunity to cross-sell additional banking products and services.
  • You determine your product pricing, fee structure and special enhancements including a cardholder rewards program. 

Features include:
  • You receive a dedicated point of contact for responsive portfolio management.
  • E-Reports offers you a new level of convenience and value in report delivery.
  • You create a custom card design to reflect your bank's locale or branding.
  • Reward your best customers with the Platinum Preferred Card.
  • Offer a personalized business card to those special corporate customers.

Issue Debit Cards to Extend Customer Relationships

Benefits to your cardholders include:
  • Debit cards are easier to use than checks with more merchant acceptability worldwide.
  • Consumers prefer to pay for items electronically and with funds on hand.
  • Consumers want flexible and secure access to their cash (international ATM access, cash back at the point-of-sale).

Benefits to your bank include:
  • Your bank receives interchange income, fee income, and potential interest income from overdraft lines of credit.
  • Debit continues to be key to customer retention.
  • A debit card program requires minimal start-up investment, compliments a credit card program and offers your customers more options.

Features include:
  • Extensive debit/EFT processing options, including multiple authorization options, settlement, and card management.
  • Back-office support, risk tools and management, marketing, and technical support.
  • Optional solutions include use of debit card data for card analytics, enhanced service charging capabilities, debit alerts and mobile banking.

Credit Card and Debit Card Enhancements to Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Scorecard Rewards Program
  • Build card balances with LetterChecks
  • FalconTMunlocks profitability and puts the lock on fraud.

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ABA Credit Card
Vice President, Payment Solutions

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