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NFP/Equias Alliance, an NFP Company: Executive & Director Benefits Consulting

"Peapack-GladstoneEquias Alliance Bank has been working with principals of Equias Alliance since 2001 and considers the Equias team to be trusted advisors. They have been outstanding in making sure our BOLI and benefit plans are beneficial to the Bank and are in line with regulatory guidance. We value our collaborative relationship highly."

-Jeffrey J. Carfora
Senior Executive Vice President
Peapack-Gladstone Bank

Banks utilize nonqualified benefit programs to attract and reward top executives and directors as well as millennials and Gen Z’ers. Without such programs, bank executives typically retire with a lower wage replacement ratio than desired, and millennials and Gen Z’ers may not be sufficiently motivated to pursue a banking career. Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (i.e. SERP's) can help restore such retirement shortfalls for senior executives while deferred compensation programs can help younger executives pay down their student loans, with vesting provisions that encourage continued employment at the bank. Programs can be also tied to the bank's performance and therefore serve as a powerful motivational tool for the plan participants since increases in plan benefits depend upon the attainment of organizational and/or individual objectives.

MARKET PROFILE: Financial institutions of any size seeking strategic solutions to attract and reward top executives and directors and/or nonqualified benefit plan administration.





Supplemental Retirement Plans (Director and Executive):
  • Defined Benefit (e.g. Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan)
  • Defined Contribution (e.g. Deferred Compensation)
  • Performance Driven

Death Benefit/Supplemental Insurance/Welfare Benefit Plans:
  • Survivor Income
  • Endorsement Split Dollar
  • Group Term Carve-out

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Equias Alliance, an NFP Company provides strategic and technical services to help identify the bank's plan objectives and can tailor the benefit plan program(s) specifically to meet those objectives. Equias Alliance/NFP will also assist the bank with quantifying benefit shortfalls, evaluating the economic and financial statement impact of the benefit program(s), assist with regulatory compliance and plan documentation, as well as recommend appropriate financing strategies. Equias Alliance /NFP will also assist in the implementation of the program(s) and can provide ongoing administrative services.

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  • Helps restore retirement income shortfalls
  • Provides meaningful incentives to attract and reward top executives and directors
  • Supports strategic objectives when aligned with measurable benchmarks
  • Offers tax-deferral of income
  • Provides a team of consultants and support staff offering strong technical and compliance support






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