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Down Payment Resource (DPR) is the nation’s only Fintech solution for the biggest hurdle to homeownership—the down payment.  Most potential homeowners do not know about the availability of down payment assistance programs. The prevailing benefit is about $10,000.

DPR works with more than 1,000 housing agencies to find and update information about local, state and national homebuyer programs
DPR’s database uses a proprietary rules engine that automates the process of matching eligible borrowers with approximately 2,400 affordable lending programs (including down payment assistance, grants, Mortgage Credit Certificates, and more). Updated monthly, the database enables ABA members to receive the most current information on down payment program eligibility criteria and benefits.

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​DPR has three products for banks and lenders that can be licensed separately or bundled:
  • DPA Directory: Comprehensive, online searchable index of 2,400 local, state and national homebuyer programs updated monthly for secondary marketing, compliance and business development managers.

  • LO Portal: Provides mortgage loan officers with transaction-level matching for borrowers, properties and a lender’s authorized down payment programs. Includes program comparison tools and eliminates the need for SharePoint sites and spreadsheets.

  • Consumer Portal: Mobile-friendly, lead-generation tool allows consumers to match themselves to a lender’s authorized programs, connecting prospects with a sales team or call center. It can be deployed across websites, social media and even extended to your important referral partners like Realtors and homebuilders.

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Case Study: How Fifth Third Bank Helps More Borrowers Overcome the Down Payment Hurdle
Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018
2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Saving for a down payment is a buyer’s biggest obstacle to home ownership.  Sadly, many buyers overestimate how much they need, and aren’t aware of all the programs available to help them overcome this hurdle.

Learn how DPR helps financial institutions:
  • Uncover more opportunities to capture first-time homebuyer business
  • Assist more borrowers challenged by the lack of down payment funds
  • Reach more Millennials and expand the lifetime value of your customer base
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