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ABA endorsed Discover® Debit as a better signature debit card program, putting the needs of banks first. It’s the only program that delivers superior economics, simplified rules, fee transparency and unmatched program flexibility. For cardholders, Discover Debit offers fraud protection and convenience.

With Discover Debit, your bank can develop a more profitable debit program that makes your brand stand out.

Discover Debit is an offering of the PULSE Network, a Discover Company.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




This alternative to traditional signature debit brands features:

  • Superior economics – Highly competitive interchange and lower fees can improve profitability.

  • Simplicity – Transparent program fees, operating rules and card specifications are easy to understand, clearly explain costs and make managing the program easy.

  • Flexibility – Greater branding and network flexibility put the issuer’s needs first, including the ability to select their own PIN network and marketing support.

  • Security – Network security features, including fraud alerts and authorization blocking, help banks minimize loss from fraudulent activities.

 Case Study: Old Line Bank


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Christopher McClinton
Vice President, Payment Solutions
Discover Debit

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