Discover® Debit


ABA endorses Discover® Debit as a better signature debit card program. Discover Debit is the first debit card brand created for community banks just like yours, who want the freedom and choice to issue cards without the high costs and restrictions imposed by other card brands.

With Discover Debit, your bank can develop a more profitable debit program that makes your brand stand out.

Discover Debit is an offering of the PULSE Network, a Discover Company.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




This alternative to traditional signature debit brands features:

  • Greater Profitability: With highly-competitive interchange and a transparent, minimal fee structure Discover Debit can increase your profitability throughout the life of your program. This enables you to pass the savings to – and focus your time on what’s most important – your cardholders.

  • Simplicity:  Discover Debit’s uncomplicated, low fee structure maintains a clear, predictable and steady economic advantage for you.

  • Security: Discover Debit utilizes chip card technology, customizable fraud blocking and alerts, cardholder verification, and other resources to minimize loss and impact on your cardholders, maximizing cardholder experience.

  • Dedicated Support: Discover will provide a team of dedicated specialists for end-to-end support. Discover focuses on listening and being responsive to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth implementation process, customer awareness through marketing support, and high satisfaction of your cardholders.

 Case Study: Old Line Bank


Questions? Please contact Christopher McClinton for more information.



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Christopher McClinton
Vice President, Payment Solutions
Discover Debit

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