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CyberScout: Data Breach Preparation and Response Services

Protect your bank’s valuable data with proactive and reactive Breach Response Services from CyberScout, the leading provider of identity and data defense solutions. CyberScout's services help you proactively protect data, develop plans for a swift and appropriate post-breach response, and deliver resolution services to impacted employees and customers so you can focus on what you do best.

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As a member of ABA
  • your bank will receive 10% off the annual fee for CyberScout DataRiskStages—a component of the ABA endorsement and
  • your bank employees will also receive complimentary identity theft resolution services for as long as your bank subscribes to DataRiskStages. 




CyberScout Breach Services provide guidance before and after a breach incident.
CyberScout will help banks develop a post-breach remediation plan and ensure swift notification to affected parties. Services include:
  • Proactive Preparation Services:  Data breach risks are increasing daily and the impact can have severe repercussions. CyberScout will conduct policy based reviews of the regulatory/consumer notification requirements. CyberScout will also provide trends in information security breach responses/solutions and pending litigation that could be impactful to your bank.

  • Post-Breach Remediation Plan: In the event of a breach, CyberScout will help banks with initial call handling to answer questions customers may have if their information was compromised.  CyberScout will also be available if issues requiring additional attention or escalation should arise on a project basis. 

  • Risk Management Website Access: As part of CyberScout’s program, banks have access to a password-protected website that provides privacy and compliance resources, including a complete list of breach notification statutes, third-party notification requirements, a breach contingency planning document, and sample Attorney General letters. 




CyberScout works with banks of all sizes, from small town banks to Fortune 500 entities.  Since 2003, CyberScout has been leading the charge against hackers, thieves and even simple human error. They provide unrivaled solutions that deliver valuable prevention education, proactive protection services and swift and appropriate incident remediation for more than 17.5 million households and more than 770,000 businesses.

CyberScout is your ally in an uncertain world. Almost daily, the headlines paint a scary picture for businesses and consumers. Data breach reports abound, and the volume of identity theft cases continues to grow with no end in sight. While the fight for data and privacy security has only just begun, you now have a champion in your corner.



  • Post-Breach Remediation Experts: CyberScout’s trained experts deliver unparalleled guidance on topics such as notification letter drafting, alternate forms of notice, third-party notification requirements, and consulting with respect to public relations responses.

  • Cyber Protection Services: A full range of cyber protection services under one umbrella, eliminating the need to contract with many entities.

  • Strong Commitment to Customer Service: Founded in 2003 by a consumer advocate, the core of what CyberScout focuses on is ensuring companies and individuals receive the level of care they deserve when planning for or reacting to a data breach incident.




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