ABA Community Bank Mortgage LLC

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ABA Community Bank Mortgage LLC offers community bankers a whole new option for managing and building the mortgage market. Co-owned by the Corporation for American Banking and community banks, this cooperative-style venture leverages the power of joint ownership by like-minded community bankers to obtain the most preferred terms possible.

Benefits Include:
  • Better execution for loans sold into the secondary market. By aggregating volume, Community Bank Mortgage LLC is able to leverage the quality and volume of the owner banks' loan production. Ownership + Volume = Power.

  • Owners receive periodic profit distributions that are a function of how much business they transacted through the LLC.

  • Owner banks take an active role shaping the future of the LLC and interacting with their peers. Networking and developing best practices are the keys to competing effectively in your marketplace.

  • Increase Your Bank’s Mortgage Lending Power.

To be eligible to become an owner of the ABA Community Bank Mortgage LLC, your bank must be an ABA member. Learn more about joining the American Bankers Association.


 ABA Community Bank Mortgage LLC Success Story

Learn how Presidential Bank FSB has been able to provide competitive pricing to a broader range of customers and remain highly profitable.

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Questions? Please contact Debbie Whiteside for more information.


 Not an LLC Owner?

Are you an ABA member and ready to learn more about how your bank can become an owner of the ABA Community Bank Mortgage LLC? Contact us.