Introducing BizEquity Banker Office: A new way to prospect and serve small business clients. The first online small business valuation system that helps banks prospect and engage small to midsize business clients. 

BizEquity’s patented software helps banks use big data insights to generate leads, increase client engagement and have a deeper understanding of their business clients. 

Banks can incorporate their logo into the program to drive in-branch traffic and customer engagement, differentiate customer service and better manage risk through understanding small business value and performance. 

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 Key Benefits

  • BizEquity is built for business owners and their banks. Before engaging in any financial decision-making conversation, your bank can help your clients answer the most important question they face: What's my business worth? 

  • Allows your bank to engage your customer: The valuation report opens up customer and prospect conversations that lead to new or expanded commercial loan relationships. 

  • Sets your bank apart: Knowing the value of your customers' and prospects’ businesses gives you an edge over your competition. When you use “the most powerful lead generation” tool in the business, everyone wins. 

  • Increases customers service: Providing customer with the power of knowledge: through a dynamic, updateable valuation report of the valuation of their business.

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"I have a great interest in leveraging technology to help my commercial lending team gain a competitive advantage. I believe that BizEquity is a commercially focused platform that community banks can leverage for growth, and it is a true value-add for the businesses they serve."
– Tom Petro
Fox Chase Bank


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