ABA Public Relations Contacts

Fax number: (202) 663-7578

Blair Bernstein
(202) 663-5468
Issues: bank sale of insurance, community development, consumer education, financial literacy, international trade and banking, money laundering and USA Patriot Act, tax and accounting, Teach Children to Save Day, Get Smart About Credit and Lights, Camera, Save programs

Sarah Grano
(202) 663-5470
Issues: agricultural banking, ATMs, back-office operations, bank security (including robberies), cybersecurity, fair lending, fintech, fraud and information security, GSE reform, mortgage policy and regulatory issues, retail mortgage issues, technology

Jeff Sigmund
(202) 663-5439
Issues: bank legislation, bank regulation, community banking, credit cards, credit unions, economic conditions, government relations and safety and soundness

Mike Townsend
(202) 663-5471
Issues: bank employment, bank marketing, bank products and services, branches, consumer delinquencies, minority lending, retail and consumer banking trends, small business banking, securities, trusts and wealth management

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