Issue of Interest: Small Business Banking

ABA Media Contact: Mike Townsend
Phone: (202) 663-5471
Last updated: April 22, 2013

Small businesses create jobs and spur economic growth even as some of America's biggest corporations streamline operations.  A major problem many businesses face is a lack of information: where to seek capital, how to comply with a particular aspect of the tax code, where to find advice on marketing, how to develop the product or service or how to manage growth.

The American Bankers Association is dedicated to providing a wide breadth of solutions to meet the current and future needs of small business customers.

The nation's commercial bankers play an important role in financing the growth of small business.  Bankers know that the future of their communities and regions depends on their support for small business.  It's a partnership that works for the bank, the business owner and the community.

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