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Issue of Interest: Health Savings Accounts

ABA Media Contact: Blair Bernstein
(202) 663-5468
Last update: Feb. 16, 2017
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The ABA's Health Savings Account (HSA) Council is an organization of banks, insurers and technology leaders committed to increasing the adoption velocity of health savings accounts in the United States. The HSA Council represents its members before Congress, the White House and U.S. Courts in order to preserve the ability of Americans to pay for healthcare using a HSA.

News Releases

HSA Council in the News

The HSA Council's Executive Director, Kevin McKechnie has been was featured on radio and television shows, explaining the many benefits of HSAs

Below are articles written by or featuring HSA Council Board members, consultants and Kevin McKechnie, executive director.

  • The Future of Health Care
    Kevin McKechnie is the Executive Director of the Health Savings Account (HSA) Council and the American Bankers Associations’ Office of Insurance Advocacy Health Savings Account (HSA). McKechnie has been quoted in print and on cable networks explaining proposed fixes to the complex system the United States uses to fund health care. McKechnie argues (and wrote about this issue in The Hill earlier this year) “Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) have pushed the idea that would exempt employee contributions to HSA accounts from being included in a new tax that will hit many health care plans if the so called ‘Cadillac Tax’ is implemented pursuant to current law.” This is a good idea and both Republicans and Democrats should embrace that will, in the short term, protect health care plans supported by both unions and non-union employees in large health care plans set up to help employees.
  • White House Targets Health Savings Accounts
    HHS’s position is that they intended no harm, but as J. Kevin A. McKechnie of the HSA Council put it: “no harm was intended, leaving the path clear for us to point out that unintended harm is just as fatal.”Also, some states peg all private plans to those in the Exchanges, meaning that if HSAs are not allowed in the Exchange, some states will not allow them to be sold in the private health care market.
  • Why Is Obamacare Regulating Health Savings Accounts Out of Existence?
    Published April 5, 2016, this article by HSA Council consultant Roy Ramthun explains how the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has taken steps to eliminate HSAs in state health-insurance exchanges. 
  • The Coming Battle Over ‘Cadillac Tax’ Reform
    Published March 3, 2016. In Kevin McKechnie's Op-Ed in The Hill, he explains how the Cadillac Tax will affect HSAs.
  • IHC Article: HSAs in Exchanges
    Published March 2, 2015, this article by Heather Loveridge with The Institute for HealthCare Consumerim discusses the role of HSAs in Exchanges.
  • HSAs should be included in the Veteran’s Choice Card program
    HSA Council Board member, Bill West with HealthEquity, wrote an article for the Washington Times detailing how HSAs could help veterans to find affordable and timely care as part of the Veteran's Choice card program.
  • Off-the-Shelf Fix for Veteran Hospital Waiting Lines
    A post by HSA Council consultant Todd Berkley detailing the benefits to veterans and taxpayers if the VA could create a simple plan structure with a cash contribution into an HSA account to cover all or part of an HSA-qualified high deductible. Veterans would then be free to access qualified health care with the HSA card anywhere they choose, without bureaucratic oversight. Any doctor or clinic accepts cash.
  • The HSA Crystal Ball: Taking Action by Dennis Triplett
    HSA Council Board member, Dennis Triplett with UMB, outlines "what we can expect, hope and anticipate for HSAs in the next decade."
  • Tales from the Front Lines: The Broker's Perspective
    An Interview with Scott Hafetz and Steve Gregory with HSA Council's Kevin McKechnie. Discussion includes how the ACA is driving prices up and how employers and brokers can work together to find affordable options.