ABA 'On the Air'

ABA speaks up for banks in broadcast interviews

ABA routinely conducts hundreds of interviews on the nation's most critical banking issues. But these times are anything but routine, and ABA has made a priority of getting the industry's message out – in print and on the air – about banks' health and lending, as well as policies that are harmful to economic recovery.

JUNE 2017

NPR | June 2
Regulatory Reform
ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols talks to NPR about the government’s role in the banking system. “Our intention is to acknowledge what many regulators and legislators will tell you both publicly and privately, which is aspects of Dodd-Frank overshot.”

MAY 2017

Rob Nichols on CNBC, May 2017

CNBC | May 9
Regulatory Reform
ABA President and CEO discussed working with the new administration on financial regulatory reform, saying, "Ultimately, this is not about the banks. This is about economic growth, bank customers, clients and communities. That's really the folks that will benefit from rule recalibration that is sensible. Our interest is in helping the economy grow."

APRIL 2017

Rob Nichols on Bloomberg TV, Apr 2017

Bloomberg | April 27
Tailored Regulation
ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols discussed the GOP’s plan to replace Dodd-Frank regulations and emphasized the need for common-sense regulatory reform saying, "We should have a thoughtful, bipartisan, deliberative conversation about the things we can do to modernize the supervisory framework, eliminate impediments, but of course not detract from safety and soundness."

MARCH 2017

Rob Nichols on Bloomberg, Mar 2017

Bloomberg | March 9
White House Meeting and Regulatory Burden on Banks
ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols discussed President Trump's efforts to reduce regulatory burden on banks following a White House listening session with CEOs of financial institutions, saying, "This president definitely understands the need to have people with real-world, common-sense experience at these regulatory entities."

Rob Nichols on Fox Business, Mar 2017

FOX Business | March 9
White House Meeting on Regulations Affecting Community Banks
ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols discussed his meeting with President Trump over financial reform efforts that affect community banks, saying, "[He] demonstrated an understanding to do [regulatory relief] in as expedient a manner as possible."


Rob Nichols on CNBC, Feb 2017

CNBC | Feb. 24
Federal Reserve Dividend Cut and Dodd-Frank Modification
ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols discussed ABA’s Federal Reserve dividend litigation and Dodd-Frank modification implications for large banks, saying, "There are a number of changes — regulatory and legislative in the form of fixes to Dodd-Frank — that we believe can help the economy grow at a faster clip."

Rob Nichols on Bloomberg TV, Feb 2017

Bloomberg TV | Feb. 9
Bank Oversight and Dodd-Frank Repeal
ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols discussed ABA's lawsuit over the Federal Reserve dividend cut and how to reform Dodd-Frank to improve the regulatory environment for community banks, saying, "They are really hurting. We are worried about community banks that don’t have the scale to absorb a number of the regulatory body blows."


Rob Nichols on Financial Times, Oct 2015

Financial Times | Oct. 12
Millennials in Banking
Incoming ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols discussed regulatory relief and the important role of millennials in banking, saying, "We need to show them that having a relationship with a bank is important. I want to make banking cool again."

Rob Nichols on CNBC, Oct 2015

CNBC | Oct. 8
ABA Outlook and Tailored Regulation
Incoming ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols gave an overview of ABA's role in the banking sector and explained the impact of tailored regulation on banks, saying, "Our banking sector is the envy of the world, in part because it has community banks, mid-sized banks and large and regional banks and they each play a really important role in our financial ecosystem. We want to improve the policy circumstances for all of these banks."

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