ABA Foundation Community Commitment Awards

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Community Commitment Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the award categories​?
  • Affordable Housing
  • ​Community & Economic Development
  • Financial Education
  • Economic Inclusion
  • Protecting Older Americans
  • Volunteerism
  • George Bailey Distinguished Service Award
What is the submission entry period?
The entry period opens May 1 and closes June 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

What is the submission format?
Banks must complete and submit the online entry form​ and submit them via email or fax.

How will I know my submission has been received?
You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours.

Are other documents needed?
No. The judging process is based solely on the narratives written in the entry form. Entrants may elect to have their third-party partner(s) submit a Program Partnership Endorsement Form to provide additional information about the program. No more than two (2) Program Partnership Endorsement Forms per program will be accepted.

Can my bank apply in multiple categories?
Yes. A bank may enter a different program in multiple categories. A separate entry form must be completed for each category.

Can I nominate myself for the George Bailey Distinguished Service Award?
Yes. The George Bailey Award is open to any non-CEO bank employee.

When are the winners publicly announced and awards presented?
The winners will be announced in September and awards presented in October during the ABA Annual Convention in Chicago.

How are the winning banks notified and when?
The contact person listed on the entry form will be notified via phone and/or email approximately eight (8) weeks after the close of the entry period.​

How will the entries be judged?
Entries will be scored based on compelling narratives that illustrate impactful community outreach and provide supporting statistics—such as volunteer hours, financial resources or other measurable benefits.

Who are the judges?
Entries will be judged by nationally recognized experts in their fields.


Questions? E-mail Melissa Murray.


 Banks in Their Communities

map​Use this interactive map to learn about the corporate social responsibility programs submitted for an award by banks across the U.S. and its territories.​