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CFPB to Survey Consumers on Overdraft Disclosures (11/14/17) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is gathering information on overdraft-related disclosures, according to a filing today in the Federal Register. The bureau initially sought to conduct this consumer survey in 2015, but did not move forward after ABA expressed opposition to the “defective and opaque process employed by the Bureau” to conduct research on overdraft. The bureau is now re-submitting its request for regulatory approval for a survey of consumers’ understanding of and decision-making in response to overdraft disclosures.

2017 HMDA Data Updated (11/13/17) Two fields have been updated in the 2017 Census Data, the FFIEC Estimated MSA/MD non-MSA/MD Median Family Income and Estimated Tract Median Family Income. As a result, these data fields have been updated in the 2017 Census Data Products and Geocoding System.


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