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Send a message to Congress and the Administration about how they can support pro-growth policies that will help bankers serve their customers and communities. Together we can turn those opportunities into action—but only if bankers actively engage in the political process.

Help increase banking’s voice in Washington—and deliver real results for our industry.

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Be an effective advocate for your industry and a valued resource to lawmakers.
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ABA’s political action committee helps elect federal candidates who support the banking industry.
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The Fund for Economic Growth is a 501(c)(4) supporting pro-growth policies and a strong economy.

ABA designates bankers as Power Players when they have: 1) responded to an action alert, 2) met with their member of Congress (and told us), 3) joined BankPac and 4) donated to the Fund for Economic Growth. These bankers receive "Power Player" ribbons on their name badges at ABA's major conferences. For more information, see the FAQs.


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Additional questions? Please contact grassroots@aba.com.