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Policy Issues

ABA supports commonsense policies that allow banks of all sizes to better serve their customers and communities.

Regulatory Reform

When it works well, bank regulation helps ensure the safety and soundness of the overall banking system. When it doesn’t, the natural cycle of facilitating credit, job growth and economic expansion is constricted. Finding the right balance is the key to economic prosperity.
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Tax Reform

As soon as the landmark tax reform bill was enacted in December 2017, banks of all sizes began announcing ways they will put their tax savings to work for their employees, customers and communities, including increased wages and expanded philanthropic efforts.
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Data Security

Recent high-profile retailer data breaches have reignited the long-running debate over consumer data security policy that covers what security and breach notification standards should apply to businesses and who should be responsible for covering costs of fraud. 
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Credit Union Competition

Credit unions have leveraged their taxpayer subsidy to aggressively grow—becoming a $1 trillion industry. And as the credit union industry expands, it does so at the expense of all taxpayers.
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Farm Credit

The Farm Credit System's significant funding and tax advantages are in disconnect with its loss of mission focus, leading to unfair competition with banks and charter expansion. 
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 Executive Orders and ABA White Papers


Several executive orders and memorandums issued by President Trump address or will have some impact on financial industry regulation. Through meetings, white papers and other efforts, we are detailing what can and should be done to enable banks to better serve their customers and help their communities thrive. Read more 


 Policy Archives


ABA Policy Archives includes information on important policy issues from past years and reviews the historical background of current issues.