Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) Reauthorization

The federal terrorism risk insurance program, TRIA, is set to expire next year. Without this backstop, commercial insurers in populated areas are expected to limit their terrorism risk exposures, which will drive up prices for coverage and have a negative impact on development in densely populated areas most affected by terrorism.

ABA's Position 

ABA supports the enactment of an extension of the federal terrorism risk insurance program.


 Recent News




ABIA Joins Associations to Urge the Senate to Pass TRIA Renewal in 2014. Read the letter to the Senate 

ABIA Joins Businesses and Associations to Urge Prompt TRIA Renewal. Read the letter to the House.

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TRIA After 2014: Examining Risk Sharing Under Current and Alternative Designs: Wharton Risk Management Center Report, August 2014

HFSC Section-by-Section TRIA Summary, released June 2014

HFSC: TRIA Reform Act of 2014, released June 2014 with no bill number.

GAO Report to Congress on TRIA, released June 2014

ABIA Testimony to NAIC on TRIA. Provided December 16, 2013

ABIA Letter of Support for TRIA Reauthorization. Sent September 16, 2013. 

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