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Regulatory Reform

Banks are one of the most heavily regulated U.S. industries, with rules and requirements surrounding every bank activity. When it works well, bank regulation helps ensure the safety and soundness of the overall banking system. When it doesn’t, the natural cycle of facilitating credit, job growth and economic expansion is constricted. Finding the right balance is the key to economic prosperity.

In recent years, banks of all sizes have had to meet a growing list of regulatory requirements including higher capital standards, more suspicious activity reporting and more stringent lending rules. Ever-increasing regulatory compliance and examiner demands, coupled with poorly-tailored rules that don’t make sense for smaller institutions, have made it challenging for community, midsize and regional banks to serve their customers and communities. President Trump, regulators and members of Congress have demonstrated a desire to right-size bank regulations through a series of executive, regulatory and legislative actions.

ABA Position

ABA believes that policymakers must move away from one-size-fits-all regulation to tailored regulation that corresponds to a bank’s charter, business model, geography and risk profile. This policymaking approach avoids the negative economic consequences of burdensome, unsuitable and inefficient bank regulation.

To encourage action by Congress, ABA has shared bankers’ real, personal stories about how rules and requirements have impeded their ability to serve their customers.

We also have shared detailed problems and proposed solutions with administration officials as they seek to address poorly tailored bank regulation and to promote economic growth.

Read about ABA's response to Executive Orders on bank regulation.




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