ABA Action Alert: Regulatory Relief

​Urge Your Senators to Support the Financial Regulatory Improvement Act of 2015

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) has proposed a broad regulatory relief measure that provides the proper balance of community bank regulatory relief while appropriately addressing several banking laws that can help the banking and regulatory system function properly. The Financial Regulatory Improvement Act of 2015:

  • Extends the examination cycle for well-managed community banks; 
  • Reduces the burden of unnecessary privacy notice paperwork; 
  • Helps rural customers receive mortgages; 
  • Provides a safe harbor for mortgages held in a bank’s portfolio; 
  • Reduces unnecessary costs from the stress testing for community banks; and 
  • Establishes a process for federal regulators to evaluate institutions to determine whether to designate them as systemically important.

Read the ABA summary of the Financial Regulatory Improvement Act of 2015.

ABA urges all bankers to contact their Senators TODAY and ask them to support Senator Shelby’s Financial Regulatory Improvement​ Act of 2015. Contacting Congress is easy and fast. We have provided talking points to assist you in writing letters.​​​​​​​​​​​

​Questions? Please contact the Grassroots Office for more information.