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ABA makes it easy! Without leaving your office, you (and your staff) can stay on top of the current issues facing bankers today. Briefings/Webcasts include streaming audio over the Internet so all you need is a computer and a pad of paper. (Audio over the telephone can be provided as an alternative.) Save time and the expense of travel. Please check back often; new briefings are always being added. Order recordings of recently held briefings.

April 2014

Apr 3 Wealth/Trust
Planning for Same Sex Couples in an Uncertain Environment (Part 3 of a 9-part series)
Recording Now Available
Apr 22 Mortgage Mortgage Q&A with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Recording Now Available
Apr 24 Marketing/
Value and ROI in Social Media - Attracting New Fans and Retaining Existing Fans! (part 3 of a 4-part series)
Apr 29 Compliance/
Risk Mgmt
Management of Funding and Liquidity Risk
(part 5 of a 9-part series)

May 2014

May 1 Wealth/Trust
Fiduciary Litigation Roundtable (Part 4 of a 9-part series)
May 6 Cybersecurity/
Mobile Banking and Payment Security (part 5 of a 5-part series)
May 13 Compliance/
Risk Mgmt
Managing Sensitivity to Market Risk
(part 6 of a 9-part series)
May 15 Compliance/
Risk Mgmt
Risky Business: Sometimes You Just Have to Say "Is Your AML Program Keeping Up?"
May 20 Wealth/Trust Management Final Regulations Issued: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) What Does this Mean for Your Institution?
May 21 Compliance/
Risk Mgmt
Risk Management Best Practices for Wealth Management Operations (part 7 of a 9-part series)
May 22 Wealth/Trust
ABA/FIRMA Preparing for a Regulatory Examination
May 29 Compliance/
Risk Mgmt
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance: What Issues Should Be Keeping You Up at Night

June 2014

Jun 4 Compliance/
Risk Mgmt
Vendor/Third Party Risk Management (Part 8 of a 9-part series)
Jun 5 Wealth/Trust
Who is a Descendant? -- (Has Science Outstripped Trust Law?) (Part 5 of a 9-part series)
Jun 11 Corporate
Document Review and Muni Advisor Update
Jun 12 Payments/
Retail Banking
Credit Cards: Agent vs Direct


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