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Briefings include streaming audio over the Internet so all you need is a computer and a pad of paper. (Audio over the telephone can be provided as an alternative.) Please check back often; new briefings are always being added.

March 2017

Mar 29 Compliance/Risk
Complaint Management Programs: New Challenges and Solutions
Mar 30 Compliance/Risk
Part 1 - Reg E Products and Services
Auditing the EFTA and Regulation E Labyrinth Series

April 2017

Apr 6 Wealth Management/Trust
Trustee Liability for Investments -- A Review of the Current State of the Prudent Investor Rule; Delegation; and Direction
Apr 11 Compliance/Risk
Identity Theft: How to Effectively Combat this Threat
Apr 13 Compliance/Risk
Part 2 - Reg E Errors and Disputed Transactions
Auditing the EFTA and Regulation E Labyrinth Series
Apr 18 Compliance/Risk
New Trump Administration -- What are the Employment Compliance Priorities for 2017?
Apr 20 Wealth Management/Trust
Challenging Ethical Times: Fiduciary vs. Suitability 
Apr 25 Compliance/Risk
A Quantitative Assessment of Incurred Loss versus CECL Loan Loss Reserving Practices: Practical Considerations
(Information available soon)
Apr 27 Compliance/Risk
Part 3 - Reg E Potpourri
Auditing the EFTA and Regulation E Labyrinth Series

May 2017

May 4 Wealth Management/Trust
Fiduciary Litigation Roundtable 
May 9
Top Risks for Banks in 2017
(Information available soon)
May 11
Is Your LinkedIn Profile Earning Business -- or Costing You Clients?
Three Fast Fixes for Your Profile
(Information available soon)
May 31 Compliance/Risk
Immunizing Your Portfolio from Interest Rate Risk
(Information available soon)

June 2017

Jun 1 Wealth Management/Trust
Planning in Illiquid Estates 
Jun 15 Corporate Trust
Document Review and New Documentation Issues Confronting Corporate Trustees
June 21 Compliance/Risk
Managing Model Risk in Dynamic Markets
(Information available soon)

July 2017

Jul 12
LinkedIn for Lead Generation -- What's New and What's Next
(Information available soon)
Jul 13 Compliance/Risk
Account Takeover Fraud
(Information available soon)

September 2017

Sep 7 Wealth Management/Trust
Retirement Benefits 
Sep 12 Corporate Trust
Risk Management Issues and Current Risk Challenges Facing Corporate Trustees
Sep 14 Wealth Management/Trust
Robo-Advisors -- What Do They Mean for the Wealth Industry? 

October 2017

Oct 4
Less Pitch, More Coach -- Three Key Approaches to Selling
in a Social World
(Information available soon)
Oct 5 Wealth Management/Trust
A New Look at Distribution Standards

November 2017

Nov 2 Wealth Management/Trust
Planning for the Elderly. What Can and Should Be Done for an Increasingly Aging Population 

December 2017

Dec 7 Wealth Management/Trust
Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration 


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