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Briefings include streaming audio over the Internet so all you need is a computer and a pad of paper. (Audio over the telephone can be provided as an alternative.) Please check back often; new briefings are always being added.

July 2016

Jul 27 Mortgage
TRID Audit 1: TRID General Rules
Jul 28 Retail Banking/Marketing
How to Plan a Comprehensive Employee Training Program for Social Media

August 2016

Aug 3 Wealth Management/Trust
A New Age for Money Market Funds: Implications for Fiduciaries and Custodians
Aug 4 Compliance/Risk
Applying Data Analytics to Anti-Money Laundering
Aug 11 Compliance/Risk
5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Making a Decision on CECL
Aug 23 Compliance/Risk
CECL Measurement Method: Advantages and Challenges
Aug 24 Compliance/Risk
Viewing Consumer Harm and Consumer Protection Through Different Lenses
Aug 25 Mortgage
TRID Audit 2: Loan Estimate
Aug 31 Compliance/Risk
Let's Make a Deal! M&A Due Diligence

September 2016

Sep 1 Mortgage
TRID Audit 3: Closing Disclosure
Sep 8 Wealth Management/Trust
Issues with Art and Other Collectibles in the Administration of Trusts and Estates
Sep 14 Compliance/Risk
Exam Management: It Doesn't Have to be an Oxymoron...
Sep 20 Compliance/Risk
Ten Points Regulators Will Be Looking for at Your Next Exam
(Information available soon)
Sep 21 Corporate Trust
Risk Management Update for Corporate Trustees
(Information available soon)
Sep 29 Mortgage
TRID Audit 4: Construction Loans

October 2016

Oct 6 Wealth Management/Trust
Are You a Fiduciary?
Oct 12 Wealth Management/Trust
Behaviorial Finance and Fiduciary Discipline

November 2016

Nov 3 Wealth Management/Trust
Twenty Steps to Avoid Fiduciary Litigation
Nov 16 Retail Banking/Marketing
Trends in Social Media: Cybersecurity, Fraud and Risk Management

December 2016

Dec 1 Wealth Management/Trust
Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration


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