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Briefings include streaming audio over the Internet so all you need is a computer and a pad of paper. (Audio over the telephone can be provided as an alternative.) Please check back often; new briefings are always being added.

February 2015

Feb 26 Mortgage
ATR / QM: Minimizing Examination Risk (Part 1)

March 2015

Mar 3 Compliance/Risk
Packing Your "Commercial Compliance Go Bag" (Part 1)
Mar 5 Wealth Management/Trust
Ethical Challenges for Trust Professionals
Mar 10 Corporate Trust
DTCC Update: New Developments Impacting Corporate Trust
Mar 11 Cybersecurity/Fraud
Securing E-Commerce with Tokenization 
Mar 17 Retail/Marketing
Your LinkedIn Profile: From Resume to Reputation
Mar 19 Wealth Management/Trust
Predictions and Possibilities for 2015 -- Key RIsk Items
Mar 25 Compliance/Risk
Who's Who in Third-Parties?
Mar 26 Mortgage
ATR / QM: Minimizing Examination Risk (Part 2) and Calculating Points and Fees

April 2015

Apr 2 Wealth Management/Trust
Show Me the Money: The Focus of States on Tax Revenues and Its Impact on Estate Planning
Apr 21 Wealth Management/Trust
Economics, Government Policies, and Investment Strategy
Apr 23 Retail/Marketing
Social Media Regulatory Update
Apr 23 Mortgage
Key Loan Originator Compensation Issues and Enforcement Actions 
Apr 28 Compliance/Risk
Packing Your "Commercial Compliance Go Bag" (Part 2)

May 2015

May 6 Compliance/Risk
Detecting UDAAP Problems in Bank Operations (More Information Available Soon)
May 7 Wealth Management/Trust
Fiduciary Litigation Roundtable
May 28 Mortgage
TILA-RESPA Disclosures--Are You Ready?

June 2015

June 3 Compliance/Risk
Best Practices for Governing and Validating Models (More Information Available Soon)
June 4 Wealth Management/Trust
Critical Concepts in Understanding Community Property vs. Common Law
Jun 24 Corporate Trust
Document Review: New Developments in Documentation Trends for Corporate Trustees
Jun 25 Mortgage
Other Key Issues from the CFPB's Origination Rules 

July 2015

Jul 9 Wealth Management/Trust
Are Rising Interest Rates Good or Bad for the Economy, Savers, and Investors
Jul 16 Compliance/Risk
Complaints Management 2.0: You Have the Program, Now How Do You Optimize It? (More Information Available Soon) 
Jul 23 Retail/Marketing
What You Need to Know About Training Employees on Social Media 

August 2015

Aug 20 Compliance/Risk
Developing a Culture of Compliance (More Information
Available Soon)

September 2015

Sep 3 Wealth Management/Trust
A Primer on Decanting
Sep 10 Corporate Trust
Risk Management Issues: What Keeps Corporate Trustees Up at Night?
Sep 24 Compliance/Risk
How Do You Develop a Strong Operational Risk Program and Make It Effectively Intersect with Compliance? (More Information Available Soon)

October 2015

Oct 1 Wealth Management/Trust
Choose Your Weapon: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporations (C and S), LPs and LLCs
Oct 15 Compliance/Risk
Third Party Management: One Size Does Not Fit All (More Information Available Soon)
Oct 20 Wealth Management/Trust
Behavioral Finance: Are Fear and Greed Driving Investors' Decisions?
Oct 22 Retail/Marketing
Get Ready. Social Media Is Evolving From a Marketing Tool to a Corporate Tool

November 2015

Nov 5 Wealth Management/Trust
The Alphabet Soup of Planning and Trust Acronyms and Service Marks
Nov 12 Compliance/Risk
Fair Lending Update (More Information Available Soon)

December 2015

Dec 3 Wealth Management/Trust
Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration
Dec 10 Compliance/Risk
Developing an Effective First Line of Defense (More Information Available Soon)
Dec 15 Corporate Trust
Document Year-end Review of Critical Issues Facing Corporate Trust

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