Drowning in Alphabet Loan Soup: HPML, HOEPA, ATR, QM - Part 1

New World of Mortgage Lending in January 2014:  Will You Be Ready?
Telephone Briefing/Webcast Series*


Effective January 2014, the new mortgage lending rules came into play. Is your new mortgage lending compliance program in place? Is your organization compliant with these new rules?

During this recording of the October 23, 2013 briefing, our panelists provide you with strong tools to enhance your existing strategies and help you finalize those critical decisions about what type of loan products you plan to offer—Qualified? High-risk? Higher-priced? High-cost? High-stress? Are you confused? And, what about the QM standards?—do you know whether you should be concerned or why...or what about? Listen to this recording to get finishing touches for your mortgage market map and the help you need so your organization can demonstrate its compliance with the new mortgage lending rules.  

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Starting with basic loan types, Lucy Griffin and Patti Blenden lay out all the loan features including pricing, and terms and conditions that trigger special compliance requirements. This two-hour program provides a strategy for triggering compliance requirements for special loan types

Our panelists:

  • Discuss different loan types and special requirements
  • Recommend ways to determine -- and document -- the applicant's ability to repay (ATR), including documentation and procedures for unusual situations
  • Provide valuable tips on how to meet the Qualified Mortgage (QM) standards including underwriting, permissible loan features and documentation
  • Examine exemptions and their limitations.

Order today to receive the following tools:

  • ATR/QM Quick Reference Guide (really quick!)
  • Appendix Q Documentation and Underwriting Quick Reference Guide
  • Points and Fees Guides and Checklists

Other Recordings in the Series:


  • Lucy Griffin, Senior Advisor, Paragon Compliance Group and President, Compliance Resources, Inc.
  • Patti Blenden, President, Financial Solutions, Inc.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Lending Officers
  • Operating Officers
  • Information Officers
  • Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Loan Managers
  • Compliance Officers and Managers
  • Risk Managers and Auditors
  • Senior Bank Managers

Get the Credit You Deserve!

The Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of performance and ethics within the financial services industry.  The recording of"Drowning in Alphabet Loan Soup: HPML, HOEPA, ATR, QM - Part 1"  has been approved for 2.5 CRCM continuing education credits.


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