Certified Securities Operations Professional (CSOP)

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About the CSOP

The Certified Securities Operations Professional certification is designed to:

  • Establish a recognized standard of knowledge and competence for securities operations professionals working within wealth management and trust organizations
  • Formally recognize those who meet these standards
  • Provide employers with a tool to identify skilled, knowledgeable professionals
  • Support the benefits of professional continuing education and development

Who should pursue it

  • Securities operations professionals
  • Trust operations managers
  • Investment operations managers
  • Operational risk managers
  • Compliance personnel
  • Technology specialists
  • Trust administrators

Knowledge areas

  • Securities and Related Products 
  • Regulators, Regulation and Compliance
  • Controls, Reconciliation and Audit Practices and Procedures
  • Industry Structures

Eligibility requirements

In order to be authorized to use the CSOP credential, you must meet the experience, education, ethics and examination requirements determined to be competency measures for security operations professionals. The certification advisory board for the CSOP designation has established these standard requirements. As a candidate, you must meet the following prerequisites in order to qualify to take the CSOP certification examination.  If you are uncertain as to whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the exam, please submit a resume to icb@aba.com.

1. Professional Experience & Education

2. Professional Reference

One letter of recommendation is required from a senior official or your manager attesting to your qualifications for certification including, your securities operations experience. The letter must be signed and on corporate letterhead.

3. Ethics Statement

Each candidate must sign ICB's Professional Code of Ethics statement. Please note: you must furnish all pertinent information about any convictions or pleas of nolo contendere on the grounds of fraud, embezzlement, unfair or deceptive practices, securities law violations, misappropriation of property, fraudulent conversations or any civil or administrative action from which you have been previously found liable.

4. Application

You must complete and submit the application. You are required to meet the eligibility requirements in place at the time that you submit your application.

Maintenance requirements

To maintain your CSOP in good standing, you must adhere to ICB's Professional Code of Ethics, pay an annual fee, and complete 30 credits of continuing education every three years


Examination Fees*
School/Conference Application and Exam Fee
PSI Testing Center Application and Exam Fee
Exam Site Change Fee
(for all exam site change requests less than 1 week prior to School/Conference Exam Date or less than 3 days prior to a PSI Testing Center Exam Date)
Exam Retake Fee
School/Conference Exam
PSI Testing Center Exam

Exam Withdrawal Fee $125

* The Exam Fee, minus a $100 nonrefundable Application Fee, is 100% refundable upon written request prior to the published withdrawal deadline. A $125 withdrawal fee is assessed if a candidate cancels or withdraws after the published withdrawal deadline from a scheduled exam date for which the candidate is registered. However, requests for withdrawal received on or less than fourteen (14) business days prior to the exam date will not be honored and the entire exam fee will be forfeited. ICB will consider waiving the forfeiture fee in case of a medical emergency. Your request for such a waiver must be made in writing and supported by documentation from a physician, which clearly states that you are unable to appear for the exam due to personal or immediate family medical issues. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Membership Fees**
Annual Membership Fee $199
Multiple Certification Discount $350 (2 certifications)
$450 (3 or more)

** Membership Fee is assessed annually every year after certification has been granted.
Fees are subject to change without notice.

Benefits and services

  • Free subscription to ABA Trust Letter newsletter (monthly, delivered electronically)
  • ICB Certified Banker newsletter (quarterly, delivered electronically)

Click here for more information about CSOP benefits.

Questions? Please contact icb@aba.com for more information.